Sunday, September 03, 2017

Media ~ A Chance To Get It Right

During this time of crisis the media almost got it right even if at times their fevered pitch showed a terrible grasp of fact.

That being said, I think their over all handling of Harvey was a B+ to A-.  The over kill on Melania's heels and the lack of compassion nonsense keeps it from reaching the top.

Now they have a new challenge.  The flood waters are receding, pets are being rescued, the death toll is stabilizing and the boats are heading back to more friendly waters.

What happens now?  The reporters go back to their headquarters to get new assignments.  Meanwhile the rebuilding of lives, homes and businesses is just beginning.  There have been promises of aid from the administration.  The hiccup will come if Congress decides to get political and the President doesn't crack his whip.

Let's look at Congress.  They've pretty much sat this out.  But just wait to hear the howls from Florida if Irma descends on them!  Never-the-less, action will be needed on an aid bill asap.  Will they try to attach a lot of unpopular or controversial legislation to it therefore delaying it?  Time will tell but the more of that kind of thing they try the more they will push people to Trump's side.

The next question is whether or not the media will cover it if it's in Trump's favor. Past history indicates they will try their best to blame negatives on Trump no matter who is to blame.  One thing that ought be remembered is that Trump is politician by default and follows his own thoughts rather than those of either party.  For both good and sometimes not so good but still true.

It's time for Congress to try to get a handle on how his head works for the sake of the country.  It would be good for them to let loose of some of their ideology anyway.  It is, as with Trump's, neither all bad nor good.

So lets see if the media will hold Congressional feet to the fire if they play obstructionist no matter the party.  It's a chance to grow from a fine job with Harvey.  It's also a chance for them to retreat to the partisan stronghold from which they came.  It's their choice.

Any bets?

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