Sunday, September 24, 2017

Stand Up Dammit!

Man, I am so sick and tired of professional athletes who make more in a year than we will in our lifetime dissing our flag, our country and by default all who defend it, in so called protest over social injustice.

I know, I know.  It has all been said before.  Free speech, their race being downtrodden, they're victims of police brutality and on and on.

Even worse are the team owners and those who regulate sports getting on the band wagon. None of them, not one is exactly downtrodden.  Issues with police have no business on the playing field.

Okay.  Has it ever occurred to these bozos that those who defend their right to act like uneducated boobs that the armed forces are full of people of all races, religions and genders?  How 'bout a protest for them?

How many of them have served and was called upon to salute a buddy felled in battle?  Have they any idea of the suffering that buddy most likely endured?  For what?  For them!  So they could play football or basketball or baseball or whatever!

How many of them have foundations to help their own?  Some do, of course, but really, how many over all? How many of them go beyond the NFL requirements to give a hand in the community, in their own communities where the youngsters really need figures to look up to?  Not for their prowess in sports, but for encouragement to excel and the support needed to help them along their way?

Every country in the world has it's social ills.  We of course have ours. But to show disrespect for our country all because you don't like our current President is shameful, disgusting and to borrow from Hillary makes every one who does so deplorable!

Sort out your priorities boys. There is a time and place for everything.  If you don't like the way things are do something about it.  Fist salutes and bended knee before our national anthem and flag isn't the way.  Put some of your vast sums of money where your mouth is.  How many people in Cleveland could be housed for what LaBron pays in mortgage every month?

It's not just tough being black in America today.  It's tough just being for vast numbers of us.  Yet we're not out there disrespecting our country.

It is ours, you see.  So get beyond the cheap theatrics and if you really care get off your knees and do something about it.

PS - That goes for celebrities and their snarky insults too.  Contrary to their opinion of their own intellects, they are not all knowing any more than any of the rest of us.  The difference is we're busy trying to live good lives and raise good families rather than celebrate ourselves and our egos.

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Word Tosser said...

couldn't say it any better...... I just don't get the bended knee at the flag ... what has that got to do with people shooting others.. no matter what the color? so they are blaming the whole nation.. for the few? they say it has nothing to do with the flag.. then why do it when the flag is presented? I agree.. put your money where your mouth is.. get more education for those who need it.. go to the centers and talk to the young about how they can be somebody too.. by HELPING others.. as we know that goes two ways.