Saturday, October 07, 2017

A Traitor Among Us - California

No.  Not Bowe Bergdahl though by some standards he does qualify.  No.  This is a state.  California - now a sanctuary state for those in this country illegally.

While it is said that most in California illegally are from Mexico and Latin America, what is to prevent  those who wish us harm from also entering?  Not to mention California probably has a fair share of them already.

I find the governor's timing interesting.  Signing this legislation right after the massacre in Las Vegas. Some I'm sure would say one has nothing to do with the other.  Perhaps.  But what happened in Las Vegas is a reminder of what can happen when a loose cannon really gets loose!

I understand the current generation - those in charge of most everything - have a very liberal outlook about everything.  Warm and fuzzy rules without an ounce of good senses, knowledge of history nor desire to obtain it. Consequences?  What are those?

I remember when I thought I knew everything.  It was when I was in my early 20s and thought everyone over 40 was an  old fogey. Well, those old fogeys knocked me down the necessary pegs in a hurry.  The difference between then and now is that I listened, in some cases swallowed my over reaching pride and, most importantly - learned!

Such behavior is no longer the norm.  California governor Jerry Brown is closer to my age than most of those he governs.  He has always leaned so far left he always appeared to me to be out of balance. That's why when he was governor before he was called Governor Moonbeam. An ethereal glow in the dark. The dark being what he did to California and still is. That seems the only thing about him that could possibly appeal to the younger Snowflakes and those who nourish them.

I've lived in California twice.  Once in the Bay area. Once in the L.A. area. It was pleasant enough if you didn't mind an occasional earthquake that could throw you off balance or drop a few items from your shelves.  You could still use charcoal in your barbecues.  If you were willing to commute over 2 hours each direction you could find a house you could afford and you took for granted that some of the crew caring for your lawn were illegal.  The thought that they might be there to harm you never entered your mind.  If they did something wrong they were arrested just like any of us would have been.

Now what?  How do Californians even survive?  The property values are way beyond reasonable, the taxes crippling and administrative dictates no more more than a paean to a liberal base that bears no resemblance to reality as it is today. That landscaping crew is now suspect.  How many have criminal records and I'm not talking traffic tickets.

When the discussion about securing our borders first began it was about the border between Mexico and the United States.  Now we have to worry about the border between California and the rest of us. It's porous.  Oh, yes.  Are we going to have to establish border crossings and assign border patrols to that lengthy stretch of desert and mountain?

Re think it guv. You're way off base on this one. You've put the entire nation at greater risk than what already exists.  I hope you can live with it when the next atrocity is committed by a thug who came via California.

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Word Tosser said...

no wonder we have so many Californians migrating to Idaho ..