Friday, November 24, 2017

The American Way ~ Brawling

Well, happy Black Friday.  The headlines this morning were exactly as I expected.  Brawls and worse everywhere.

What is it about these people?  That they so much want a "deal", often for themselves and not as a gift, that they are reduced to the most base behavior within themselves?

It seems so out of place after having just finished a meal with friends and loved ones giving thanks for all they have. Maybe they don't sit down with loved ones.  We know for sure some don't because they're living in a tent in line at the store they most want to destroy the moment the clock reaches the witching hour.

Now I read this behavior is spreading across the globe. What drives this insatiable want?  Is it the thrill of blood sport that makes them transform what should be simple shopping?  I don't understand it and never have.  I have never felt the slightest desire to participate.  There is nothing I want so much I'd reduce myself to such a level.  What's more put myself in harms way.

I've often wondered how much merchandise is damaged or ruined during these brawls. How much during the chaos is actually shop lifted.  Never paid for.  When the final post event inventory is taken and compared to receipts, how much of a shortcoming is there?

Ah, it's been such a long time since we've been a truly civilized society.  The current trend of allegations of rude and crude male behavior and the self righteous piety of academia that manifests itself in denial of rights should come as any surprise.  Black Friday modus operandi  has been going on for years and is certainly a contributing factor to the back turning of those who could have and should have condemned all such unacceptable behavior.

It's sad that there are not enough of us who deplore such behavior to be heard or make a difference.  One place it could begin is with the retailers.  They could just put an end to Black Friday sales events. But then there is the driving factor on both sides.  Greed.

Maybe it's just that so many of them are losing ground to online retailing.  It does spare merchants from having to pay huge amounts of overtime on top of the loss from drastic price cuts and it saves the shopping public from black eyes, bloody noses and stuff that will be broken or obsolete by the time the packages are even opened.

When will the next brawl be?  Probably at some venue that has the audacity to celebrate Christmas by saying "Merry Christmas".

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