Sunday, November 26, 2017

Why Is A Slush Fund Even Needed?

It's a well know fact that money buys power but it sure doesn't buy honesty nor decency.

No sooner had misconduct allegations became public regarding our elected officials, Paul Ryan began touting sensitivity training for all members of Congress.

Are you kidding me? You're telling me our elected officials, those we trust to govern us, need to be told what is and what is not acceptable behavior? Pardon me if I feel a little sick to my stomach.

Then to find out that there is a "secret" slush fund set up for appeasement payments to anyone threatening to "out" the offender. With tax payer money no less.  Plus we don't even get to know who is paying out or why! My, their parents must be so proud. As for those parents, where were they when they had the responsibility to teach their children right from wrong? Who knows, maybe they are proud.

I feel like I'm sitting in front of a bubble machine with so many areas of our society floating around within one.  The media, entertainment moguls among others, politicians, academics and those they are supposed to be educating.  Who's left?

All the rest of us.  There are thousands upon thousands of us who don't shop on Black Friday, don't bully our associates nor allow our children to do so, don't think shop lifting in China is no big deal, and don't play the hapless victim card every time someone looks cross eyed at us.  Thank heavens.

We really are the silent majority you know.  Occasionally, very occasionally, someone will get a few seconds on the news for having done a good deed.  If the anchors don't blow the time being cute as is so often the case around here.

I'm not particularly fond of the way our President behaves.  I still feel he is a man/child with no self-discipline nor desire to develop any, but I do understand why people voted for him.  He speaks like ordinary people do in the privacy of their own homes.  He criticizes, berates, makes fun of all manner of people.  He probably always has.  I'm sure he always will.

The one refreshing thing about it, he isn't buying our allegiance with our own money. He's speaking to it with our own words.

True, money speaks.  It just isn't speaking my language.

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Word Tosser said...

with the latest two on the chopping block.. I am beginning to wonder if there will be any males left in the entertainment area .. be it actors, newscasters or what ever... Knowing in the past 10 years there has been men fired for such behaviors and companies running classes to give moral compass for those who should already have that.. but we know they don't. And now, the business are firing at will, not putting on leave until the alleged has a time to say anything.. because you know Lauer and Rose won't be back, like Billy Bush.. yet the political are still in Wa. DC.. with nair a hair out of place.with sprinkles of "I'm sorry". I am beginning to feel like the bible.. and I don't want to be like Lot's wife, and turn around and look, and turn into salt. I don't know where this world is going.. but it seems to be going in a hand basket