Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Funny! Seriously?

There are reasons why I can barely watch a "news" program to the end.  The major one is how most interviews, whether they be with one or two people from opposing sides, the host ends up talking over the guests should they dare disagree with the host's notion.

It devolves to where I can't understand a word being said.  Sometimes even the guests get into a spat among themselves with the same result.  Then the host runs out of time and cuts them off.

It also irritates me when they get a decent dialogue going but there is never enough time before that big ole commercial break intervenes.

I've noticed recently many hosts are reading calls, tweets and comments from listeners who are actually commenting on the hosts themselves.  Usually they pertain to the behavior above. The worse the comment, and they are mostly unflattering to say the least, the more the hosts laugh at them.

Why?  As insulting as the comments are they're often quite right on the button.  I'd think the hosts would be doing themselves a favor if they'd actually hear what they're being told and instead of laughing about their less than stellar image, try to correct it.

Oh how I wish newspapers would make a come back.  Ones with real unbiased reports.  Then I wouldn't have to listen to the voices.  Sigh.


John Dwyer said...

Mari: No newspapers? I read the WSJ and NYT each day and find them, if not entirely fair, balancing one another. I also follow some selected people on Twitter: Charles Sykes for instance, Peggy Noonan for another. I do not watch the TV other than for weather.

Do you find the WSJ or NYT objectionable?

Mari Meehan said...

John, I do. Both lean too far in my judgement. The WSJ is getting worse and the NYT - well, with their record of misinformation, it has no appeal as a source. I don't have time to follow Twitter.