Monday, January 22, 2018

Immigration - Illegal And Otherwise

I am not anti-immigration.  To use the cliche - we are a country built by immigrants.  I am, however, against giving immigrants who are here illegally or are not yet citizens rights enjoyed by our citizens.

I am especially against amnesty for all.  We've tried that and still they come. The problem is there are the good and the bad.  Why in heavens name should we give amnesty to those who break our laws?  They've already broken at least one by coming in illegally.  Why give them a pass therefore compounding it?

The same applies to the so called dreamers. I have no problem that if they've registered they be given an opportunity to stay but if they want citizenship they must go home and get in line with those doing things by the law.

Most of the focus is on our border with Mexico and those crossing there but be sure there are many coming across our northern border too.  They just don't happen to be Mexican or Hispanic. Does the southern border scrutiny make us racist?  No. It is merely the area the media focuses on and the sheer numbers who have crossed in that area.

It's not an easy issue to solve because our lawmakers have let it get way out of hand by not making sure the laws on the books are enforced. The issue of merit, the ability to contribute is paramount.  We cannot take adequate care of our own under privileged and until we are able to do so we should not be welcoming those who do no more than add to those numbers.

Who does it hurt? Every single one of us because a vast amount of tax payers dollars go to care for them.  Feed them, house them, take care of their medical needs and educate them. And in too many cases incarcerate them which adds to our already overcrowded prison systems.

Consider the estimated number of DACA people is around 800,000. They are not all pure of heart.  The law of averages will dictate a certain number of them will be criminal. That is reason enough not to give them carte blanch amnesty.

Congress needs to first agree on the requirements for residency before moving on any type of amnesty.  It has gotten out of hand in places who claim to be sanctuary cities or states.  A friend in California is leaving the state because of it.  The last straw was when they passed a law that prohibited her from telling her house cleaning service that she did not want an illegal in her home.

She had no way of knowing how well the service vetted their employees - or if they were even required to do so. That is, I'm sorry, letting the inmates run the asylum.

Will Congress do it right?  I'm betting no. They're too busy with their puffery. It makes me angry, yes angry, that we citizens are becoming the disenfranchised and without our government putting us first we have little chance of changing it.

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