Saturday, March 24, 2018

Will Confidence Breed Contempt In Trump?

Trump is already an arrogant man.  He is also narcissistic (I can't believe we elected two narcissists in a row), thin skinned and vengeful.

Commentators on FOX have been commenting that he seems to be getting more confident in his role as President.  It should be of concern that rumors of more senior staff changes may be in the works - like totally eliminating the role of Chief of Staff. Please, no.

If General Kelly goes I imagine what's left of senior staff will drown in a pool of back stabbing, butt kissing and total chaos. Then Trump will bring in more of lesser caliber and they too, in time, will not survive.  What's next after that?  Trump alone?  Dictator Trump?  King Trump?  Off with their heads!

The more I watch his blustery speech the more I realize what little grasp he has of most situations. His recent foray to the "wall" prototypes is a perfect example.  Like the border agents will need to see through it.  Duh. He liked the solid ones.

Or the signing of this horrendous budget. He didn't read it.  His staff didn't have time to read it.  Isn't this the same reason the Republicans pilloried Obamacare?  Because no one had a chance to read it before voting on it?  That they don't see the irony in their own actions confounds me.

I'd like to think a confident Trump would find it unnecessary to counter attack  on Twitter everyone and everything that bristles his skin. Of course that's more wishful thinking.  Insecure people bluster and bully to try and cover their insecurities.  Of course it doesn't work.

Perhaps that's why Trump likes to surround himself with chaos.  It's easy to blame others in the midst of confusion.  And hope no one notices the truth.

Fat chance.


Betty said...

I heard the reason he didn't veto the 1.3 Trillion Dollar bill was that his staff pointed out that he would shut down the government if he did, and he, alone would get the blame. So he signed it, since he couldn't blame someone else.

Word Tosser said...

that is my understanding too, Betty....
I did not like Trump way before he started making noise about being president.. I found him to be a bloated arrogant bully.. that was with his interviews.. and then the Apprentice show he had.. so when he started with the President thing.. he got laughed out of the room the first time around.. so when he came back for this one. I thought they would do it again.. after all they had 16 others to chose from As he got stronger and stronger in his race.. i was sick to my stomach and thought surely they got to be joking. And in my horror.. he was picked. And then for the Democrats to throw Hilary in. I knew this is going to be a disaster. And it is. and when I think the bar can't get any lower.. it does. I guess my biggest question is WHERE THE HELL IS CONGRESS.. I thought they ran the country... I thought the president had to run things thru them.. Nothing is like it use to be.