Sunday, April 01, 2018

A Bully Is A Bully - Indeed!

There is a lot wrong with the David Hogg scenario  when he shrugs off Laura Ingraham by stating, "A bully is a bully."

Now to put my thinking into some sort of perspective, I think most of the talking heads on TV, regardless of channel, are bullies.  They go to great length to tout their guests as being expert in this or that then proceed to talk over them if they dare try to defend an opinion other than the host's.

That being said, it seems to me young Mr. Hogg, in his new found fifteen minutes of fame, is no different.  He has a point of view, not shared by all of his classmates by any stretch, and woe be the ones who don't see things his way.

Somehow I cannot help but think many of his words have been written for him.  Much like the time the youngster took a "science project" to school that looked like a bomb than screamed "foul" when school authorities and the police took punitive action.

Mr. Hogg has taken the whole gun control argument beyond the edges of credibility because I believe his advocacy is new found and barely researched what-so-ever.  It's no more than a knee jerk reaction that lacks discussable substance.  Not that he wants to discuss anything of substance.  Only his point of view.

Even more disturbing than this barely likable young man spouting off to who ever will have him, what is wrong with Ingraham's advertisers that have acquiesced to his demands to drop their advertising from her program?  Please!

What is he, seventeen?  Maybe eighteen?  That his dictum's must be obeyed?  What's next? These personal assaults from the under informed really should stop while we still have some semblance of common sense in this country.  Small as it may be.  When the inmates start running the asylum we're in real trouble.  Not because of the inmates nearly as much as the administrators of said asylum for allowing themselves to be so intimidated.

FOX, stick by Ingraham.  Advertisers, stick by FOX just as you do CNN, MSNBC and all the others who are just as snarky, mean spirited, and often down right wrong.

Man, this country scares me these days. We worry about artificial intelligence taking over.  I wonder if it can be worse than the lack of intelligence we are now experiencing.


John Dwyer said...

I particularly like and agree with your point, "We worry about artificial intelligence taking over. I wonder if it can be worse than the lack of intelligence we are now experiencing."

Back in the day of only three networks it seems, if memory serves me right, that the anchors provided thoughtful and researched analysis--not anymore.

Word Tosser said...

so true.. so true.. I agree with the two of you.. this kid reminds me of the say.. why you are pointing at someone, there is 3 fingers pointing aback at you.. I keep waiting for this all to go away... like all things do.. what the country is coming to.. I don't know.. but I do know I don't like where it is heading... There was a saying.. this I know to be true... now .. there isn't anything I know to be true...