Thursday, May 24, 2018

Memorial Day - A Grave Situation

Look at all those grave markers. Every one belongs to a man or woman who stood for the National Anthem.  Every one of them stands for a man or woman who would never have dreamed of not standing for the National Anthem.

You know who they are.  Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. Our friends. Our neighbors. You know what they did?  They gave their lives so that those aggrieved athletes who think that because they want to make a personal statement in public they somehow should be allowed to  dis-honor our flag, our anthem and those who gave their lives to allow them their "right".

Free speech?  Fine.  Say what they will but if they want their jobs and the backing of the fans they would be better served by being more selective in choosing their venue.  The owners, too, and the players union would be better served by considering the depth of feeling behind the backlash that was witnessed last season.  Obviously it went in one ear and out the other for many of them.

I'd like to blame it on the brain damage so many have suffered but that wouldn't apply to the owners now would it.  In their case, and the union's, it would help a lot if they had a brain and actually used it.

Just think of what would be if those men and women and their leaders, in military uniforms - not football uniforms, had passed the buck under some absurd notion it was their right. There would be no National Anthem, nor flag nor any rights what-so-ever.

Nor would there be football. Perhaps that wouldn't be so bad.  Think what all that money could be used for that would welcomed by more than a pampered few.

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