Thursday, October 08, 2015

My Apologies To Kevin McCarthy - Sort Of

Okay.  Kevin McCarthy bowed out of the race for Speaker of the House.  I didn't think he would and for that I apologize.  I think, however, it was due to pressure from within; not because it was the right thing to do.

Now what?  I bear in mind one should be careful for what they wish.  Who will fill the void.  None of the people I think would be good want the job.  That tells me a lot and I'd rather not be thinking the way I am.  They aren't interested because of the grief that comes with it rather than taking on the really tough issues whether or not your fellow Republicans like you or not in the end.

I'm worried that the handful of right wing tea party types will hold up the party.  You know the ones. Those who think principle is more important than accomplishment.  Those who would rather shut down the government than compromise.  Those who think that their way is the only way acceptable.  Something of which both parties are guilty.

It didn't work before and it won't work now.  We should not forget that the Democrats are just as firmly entrenched as the Republicans and neither side seems willing to listen to voices of reason of which there are many.  Why is that?  Is it strictly a power trip?

I was wondering why, with all the negatives Hillary has, why an entire political party keeps her on top of the polls.  When did we become so blindly partisan.  Surely there are enough people in both parties with good enough sense to know at the moment nothing is working.

What is it they fear? The loss of their power jobs?  If so they're in it for the wrong reasons.  We try to turn over the membership but it seems every new one we send to the hill has mislead us as much as those we've turned out.

The only remedy I can think of is to have them bear the consequences of their own poor judgement.  The problem is I don't have a clue as to how we can accomplish that. When politicians  can lie with impunity from the President on down then tell us to trust them and we do, with whom does the fault lie?

We're all culpable.  If we don't get a handle on it we'll end up being the third world country Mr. Obama would like.  Actions, be they positive or negative, have consequences. We had best stop turning a blind eye and deaf ear to them or those Russian rockets going into Syria may soon be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Republican Woe

Tomorrow the House Republicans will choose their new leader.  It seems likely to be Kevin McCarthy who has shown little sign of having the ability to make wise decisions.

I listened to House members being interviewed yesterday and not one said he/she would NOT vote for McCarthy even though he does have some competition. Gutless wonders that they are.

If McCarthy had any trait other than blind ambition I might feel better, but after his Benghazi gaffe and the ammunition it gave Democrats he should have taken himself out of the race for Speaker.  People with blind ambition, however, don't make such gestures.

What really worries me is that every step up they give the Democrats the more likely it is we'll have another troika.  House, Senate and Administration all Democrat.  That's fine if you want an even further left leaning country than we have now.  I, obviously, don't.  I think we need, all of us, to admit that the progressive agenda hasn't worked all that well over the past 7 plus years.  To continue on with hope it will get better seems to me to be fool hardy.  But then both the Democrats and Republicans will have to understand compromise is how our government is supposed to function.  I don't see that on the horizon either.

Also worrisome is the lack of a credible front runner on the Republican side. While Trump may make us feel good and says what a lot of us say within the confines of our own homes, I doubt he has the temperament to be an effective President.

I like Ben Carson as a man.  He's incredible.  But he's beginning to make statements I question.  I still like Carly, warts and all but the opposition will grow those warts. As for the politicians running, that none have been able to break through the Trump glitter is troubling.  Obviously their messages aren't  resonating for one and two, the people don't want to hear them anyway.  They're politicians.

We have to get a bit smarter here. We have to take the blinders off and look at the entire world when it comes to choosing our next leader.  It's a mess in large part due to the past two administrations' policies.  In order to fix it and regain our stature we must choose wisely.

Tomorrow will tell us how many Republicans understand this even if it's not the Presidency, merely the Speaker of the House.  But remember he will be second behind the Vice President to serve if needed.

Many of the candidates worry me. Kevin McCarthy shouldn't even be fielded.

Monday, October 05, 2015

The "Full Measure" Of Women

I have a tough time finding news sources I  trust whats more respect.  It's probably because I don't read much on line but prefer actual newspapers or broadcasts which certainly have limitations.

That being said, I bit the bullet yesterday and watched the e-cast of "Full Measure" anchored by Sharyl Attkisson. What a good decision.

I was transported back to the time when a news broadcast actually did a story rather than merely a series of soundbites. I hope this isn't a kiss of death for the endeavor.  I'm sure my demographic isn't the one they seek but then we elders really shouldn't be discounted because we do tend to pay attention. And learn. And vote. The advertisers can figure it out.

Aside from the substance of her reporting, I must say I really admire Sharyl Attkisson.  For much the same reason I really like Carly Fiorina.  Though it may be merely superficial, it's their appearance and demeanor.  Both are the personification of professionalism.  No emphasis on cleavage, legs or impossibly high heels.

I often look at the women who scream the loudest about women rights and wonder if they ever look in the mirror. This is, of course, a generational thing instilled in mine at an early age.  We were taught by ladies to be ladies.  Somewhere along the line it seems to have gone out of style or just plain gotten lost.

Then again, many things are cyclical and I can hope the standards of professionalism are coming full circle.  I see it in Ms. Fiorina.  I see it in Ms. Attkisson.  Somehow when it shows that they care for how they appear in public and how they speak, it gives the impression they care about what they're doing and want us to care too.

That one of the better news programs I've seen of late and one of the more impressive presidential candidates is such a woman gives me confidence that the "glass ceiling" will be broken, the shards swept up, thrown away never again to see the light of day.

Both have had their struggles professionally.  Neither has succumbed to pressures exerted against them. They continue with grace and dignity; their success determined by  both ability and perseverance. I admire both.

I welcome the return of professionalism, class, a darn good investigative reporter and a candidate I can't yet count out.  Both women. Their roar is their substance and ability, not merely the sound of their voice nor their sense of entitlement.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Biting The Hand That Feeds You

I was  listening to Lou Dobbs last evening during which time he was castigating Trump for his name calling and vagaries.  Today I see Trump isn't going to appear on FOX programs- at least for awhile. They aren't treating him nicely.

Wow.  FOX made this man! I fear the Trump and pony show is getting old.  Really old.  Yes, he has been a great cheer leader but he still hasn't come out with specifics on how he plans to fulfill his promises.

Can you imagine him going after world leaders in the same vein? Putin is really stupid.  Really Stupid.  Angela Merkel.  Look at that face.  Who would listen to her? Netanyahu. He isn't very nice to me so I won't talk to him. Sheesh!

Scott Walker had the good grace to bow out of the race when it became readily apparent he couldn't win. Good grace isn't Trump's long suit but maybe if enough people aren't nice to him or about him he'll have one final snit and bow out.

He could still be of great service.  He could get behind the actual candidate and tell everyone how great he/she is and all the wonderful things he/she will do.  Continue being cheerleader-in-chief on making the country great again.  Of course that means who ever the candidate is will have to have said nothing negative about The Donald.  Unfortunately that eliminates most of them!

There could be a consolation prize waiting in the wings for Trump, however, if he plays his cards right.  He could go back to doing what he does best - building things.  Give him a contract and have him build the wall.  He can tell us how great it will be, how easy it will be and give him all the face time he could possible want.

Building the greatest wall the world has ever seen and bowing out of the race are possibly the two greatest contributions to the country the man could make!  Maybe a lot of people, including FOX, would be nice to him again to boot!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Time To Dump The Sacred Cow

No, I don't mean Donald Trump.  Though I must say he's taking care of it all by himself.  I think it's time to divorce ourselves from the notion the President has to come from the ranks of the previously elected.  Why not a solid business executive?


Most have no managerial experience what-so-ever.  What about governors?  It's all within the realm of politics thus stifling the creativity and innovation needed in the private sector to succeed.

Let's face it, corporate leaders are far more likely to know world leaders or their representatives than the average member of Congress or most governors. They know how to delegate, negotiate, make decisions and reason in a non-partisan manner.  Their obligation is to their stock holders, not themselves.

While I like Ben Carson; he is a good and brilliant man but I've yet to see he can manage.  Trump?  What does he do well other than bully, deprecate his opponents and speak in generalities touting how great he would be?  But nothing yet about how.

Carly. Look beyond HP. What happened to her there is not uncommon and we need to understand that. What we also need to consider is she is bright, quick, assured, informed and unafraid. She is woman, hear her roar.  She has substance based on experience, homework and tenacity.

Can she handle Congress?  I'd rather ask if they really think they can roll her.  I doubt it. World leaders?  She's no shrinking violet.  Manage?  Heads and tails above anyone who shared that debate stage including Trump.

She may not win.  We may listen too much to the negativity that is beginning to ramp up but she deserves our consideration.  If you're willing to consider Hillary you should be willing to consider Carly. It's no longer about petty party politics but rather the very substance of our nation.  Who we are and what we want to be.  Are we content with the things as they are?  Trump's rise would indicate we are not.

Let's get serious about who can best serve the country as a whole; who has the skill, the temperament and the background.

If there were other top tier business executives in the race I'd be giving the same pep talk about any of them. What we don't need is another untried, manipulated and beholden politician.