Thursday, July 24, 2014

Selective Outrage

War is hell.  All we have to do is look around the world to see its toll.  That being said, I don't understand the lack of outrage coming from this President and his administration other than that aimed at our one ally - Israel which is doing no more than trying to protect it's people from rocket fire and constant raids from Hamas.

The fact that Palestinian civilians are getting killed is a tragic yet unavoidable aspect of this war.  Why won't we look beyond the propaganda photos staged by Hamas to the truth of the fight?

It's a pattern, to be sure, but I've never before seen such negativity toward our only ally in the region.  There was no outrage over the downing of a civilian air liner in Ukraine other than scolding Putin for backing and supplying the rebels.

There was no outrage as al Assad slaughtered his own people and is still doing so.  Remember Syria? There was minor outrage when Morsi in Egypt,  an ally of Hamas, was displaced as a dictator in training.  We denied his replacement, who is far more friendly to us, much needed military aid.

We are giving humanitarian aid to Hamas but none to Ukraine.  Meals Ready to Eat don't help good guys win wars.

Then there is Boko Haram in Nigeria who continues it's kidnapping of young girls and killing of the populace.  Do we really think a twitter campaign is going to turn the tide?

Finally there is ISIS, the worst of the worst.  Not only have they brutally taken over much of Syria and Iraq, they have driven the Christians from Mosul under threat of death.  It is also rumored that they have ordered the genital mutilation of all women and girls be they Christians or Muslims.  This has yet to be substantiated but the very thought of it is chilling.  Should they be forewarned this will not be tolerated? If so who should do it? Who has, or had, the clout?  At one time it was the U.S.  Now who even cares?

I'll tell you where the outrage is from this blogger.  It's directed at a President who thinks fund raising with the rich and famous is far more important than taking a stand regarding the horrific brutality that is rife and spreading.

This is not only a country without leadership, it's a world without leadership.  This is what happens when Americans come to feel their role and place in the world order is of no importance. Abdication may be okay for Kings who have heirs in line, but it's not befitting the President of the United States.  Such as he is.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why Are We So Full Of Hate?

What has happened to human kind?  No matter where you look we find ourselves surrounded by a world filled with hate.

What puzzles me is how it's combined with political correctness.  Take this country where so many words are now frowned upon and even forbidden because they are hurtful to certain people.  Redskins, squaw, savage plus a whole lot applying to Blacks, Orientals and Hispanics not to mention Middle Easterners.  Has it dawned on anyone banning the names has done nothing to diminish the hate that suggested such names derogatory in the first place?

We still have racism in this country.  The President and the Attorney General are among the first to remind us.  Because we want our borders secure we hate children and Hispanics.  Because we take a stand for first amendment rights we hate women.  Because we condemn terrorist groups we hate Muslims.  They hate Christians.  Everyone still hates the Jews.  Among the most vocal of late are the Germans of all people!

I think about the lyrics of You've Got to Be Carefully Taught from South Pacific
You've got to be taught To hate and fear, You've got to be taught From year to year, It's got to be drummed In your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught. You've got to be taught to be afraid Of people whose eyes are oddly made, And people whose skin is a diff'rent shade, You've got to be carefully taught. You've got to be taught before it's too late, Before you are six or seven or eight, To hate all the people your relatives hate, You've got to be carefully taught!
We have been carefully taught, by power mongers and despots from the beginning of time.  Have we made progress?  Little, I'd say.  Why?  I think a lot of it comes from embedded fear of everything different and unfamiliar.  What we don't understand we fear and our protective mechanism is hate.

When people in power grasp this notion far too often they push to perpetuate it for their own ends rather than to quell it for the peaceful ends of all involved.

It's a very ugly world.  Words and names aren't the problem.  It's the people who twist them. Until we can look beyond millenniums of cultural differences and have the courage to think for ourselves, not take the lazy way out and accept the unacceptable, things will not change. We as a country once had that courage. We could see beyond color and ethnicity and religion.  We could see the power of good.

Can we ever regain that greatness?  Only if we field leaders who love their country above themselves and their ambitions.  Real peace can only come if we can learn to like one another.  Tolerating one another is only a truce.  And history shows us truces are usually broken.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Has Putin Over Reached Once Too Often?

My, oh my.  We've watched this man make mince meat of Obama over the past several years.  Each time you could see the smirk broaden and the swagger get more pronounced.

He and his allies - Iran, China, Syria and North Korea were truly enjoying themselves. But as happens with a lot of bullies, they get over confident and suddenly everything around them collapses.

I'm wondering if this is the case with the downing of the Malaysian passenger jet. With the death of so may people having no part in his fun and games, it's a huge oops. You'd think he'd have taught his thugs how to properly use their new toys. Another sign of over confidence?

Maybe some good will come out of it.  Sure, our president has stated his indignation and demanded Vlad stop supplying his rebels in Ukraine with weapons.  Like every one of late, he'll ignore it.  But now the rest of the world has to stand up and let their outrage be known.  It isn't easy for them to do  without the U.S. leading the way.  We've been the leader for so long they don't  know how to do anything but follow.  That used to be the power of America and we used it for good, not entertainment or expansionist dreams.

The question that remains is whether or not they will.  Will they be smart enough to join in economic sanctions strong enough to really hurt even if it causes them some temporary pain or will they continue to waffle?  They must remember the United States won't be there to help.  If they don't learn to cope without us their demise is only a matter of time.

It isn't hopeful.  With Kerry lecturing Israel on killing Palestinian civilians while they've done everything humanly possible to forewarn them of pending attacks, the world knows this man and the policies he stands for are out of touch with reality.

It does no good to lecture about how things are done in the 21st century while the world is still mired in the 20th.  When it comes to foreign policy it would seem we're the only country in the 21st century and we certainly haven't been effective in bringing the rest along. Maybe they realize that to go along to get along isn't really a policy no matter what century.  It's appeasement.

They need leadership, not lectures.  There is a difference.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

If Only It WERE The Heat!

What a day.  A passenger plane has been shot down over Ukraine uncomfortably close to the Russian border.

Hamas reneged on the humanitarian cease fire so Israel launched their ground offensive.

Children still pour across the border while Congress dithers. It's now being reported parents are giving them birth control in case they are raped during the journey.

Along that line former member of Congress, Todd Aiken, who once talked about legitimate rape and the idea that women's bodies protected them from becoming pregnant in such circumstances now seems to proudly announce that some of his staff were conceived by rape.  Whoa!  It can't be both ways can it?  You know, this guy really gives me the creeps.

And speaking of creeps there is al Assad sworn in as president of Syria for another seven years.  I'm not sure just what he's president of any more.  His population is rapidly disappearing.

Back to the plane crash where some 20+ Americans were reportedly on board.  Was the missile launched by the insurgents within Ukraine or from Russia?  Let Putin explain that one away.  When gathered, the radar tapes in the region will tell the story.

If only there was a cooler head to prevail!  Oops.  I guess there is.  Our president.  Mr. Cool. Where's he?  Out fund raising among his adoring minions.  At least he isn't on the golf course.  Yet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hannity's Histrionics

For a person who doesn't have much faith in the intellect of pundits, I wonder why I watch them so often.  I wonder even more why the cable outlets and networks that employ them don't take more care in who they hire.

Many of them get on crusades that bear no resemblance to reality.  Sean Hannity is one of the most prominent. The night before last  he was on his Bowe Bergdahl kick demanding to know why he was returned to active duty and incensed that none of Bergdahl's platoon members had yet been interviewed regarding his walking away from his post.

Do you suppose it's because the general in charge of the investigation hasn't gotten to that point? He ranted to the mother of a soldier who died while searching for Bergdahl wondering if she was incensed as he.

Both the platoon member he interviewed and the mother of the dead soldier hedged their answers.  Sometimes I wonder how they allow themselves to be sucked into interviews with those like Hannity.

According to retired general Robert Scales everything that has been done with Bergdahl has been according to the book.  The investigation is a totally different activity.

So why shouldn't Bergdahl be returned to duty?  He is still an active member of the military and as of now no charges have been filed.

Yes, there have been many accusations, differing opinions on what charges might be as well as appropriate punishment.  As far as I know even soldiers are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Alarmists like Hannity would do well to keep their mouths shut until the facts are known.  Speculation is a disservice to everyone, especially those who listen to such and take it as gospel. Trying to influence opinion out of ignorance is worse.

FOX moved his time slot once.  They might consider doing it again.  Like maybe off the air!