Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump's Disservice

You'd think we'd learn.  The second term of a man with no practical experience relating to governing.  Now we're being asked to elect another one.

I've long thought business experience would be a plus but not when the candidate is a buffoon. All politicians have egos, but those we're supposed to choose between beat anything I've ever seen. Trump will set back the possibility of an outsider ever having a chance again for a decade or more.  That leaves our choices to the politicians which are the problem in the first place. It can't get any more complicated can it?

Today, however, is about Trump.  The FOX talking heads tell us the few times Trump actually acts like an adult is the "real" Donald Trump. I'm not convinced.

I'm surprised his ego hasn't clued him in on the fact that he is probably going to lose the election.  At one point I thought he really wanted the job but as gaffes continue and he says he'll just go back to a very good life, I'm wondering if it all started as a joke.  That he was as surprised as many of us that he began winning primaries.  Now his refusal to act "presidential" indicates he really wants out or he's not the smart guy his colleagues would have us believe.  That his personality is the end all.  Forget about policies and country.

If he does lose he'll blame it on all of us.  We'll be bad people, really bad people.  I don't expect him to drop out, he'll just continue blaming others for his drop in the polls.

The curious thing is I don't think Hillary is a shoo in.  Between her health and the e-mail/Clinton Foundation mess, I'm thinking there is a bombshell coming sometime around the end of September or early October.

The Democrats are lucky.  They at least have some viable people to step in.  I don't know the rules for either party but I could see either Tim Kaine or Joe Biden stepping up to the plate.

On the Republican side, who knows?  I'd see a battle between Pence  and probably Cruz who had the second most votes in the primaries.  The fact that he isn't well liked by many in his party would make for another fine mess. With little time to sort it out.

Wrapping up the rambling, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see  that one or the other is out before election day.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Hillary The Hypocrite

She who shall not be crossed! Sigh. I've come to the conclusion that Hillary will be the next President of the United States.  The problem is she shares too many of Trumps traits.  She just isn't as childish as he is.  At least publicly.

The most obvious similarities is their very large egos and narcissism.  The second is both have trouble with the truth. They can't seem to tell it.

They both scare the devil out of me.  As my dearly departed Mother used to say, "I won't be around for the fall out, thank heavens!" I won't be either and since I have no children or grand children I guess I too am glad.  I'm not particularly worried about future generations.  What is happening now is the new normal.  This will be their good old days. I can't imagine.

Back to what I will have to deal with.  Assuming it will be Hillary we will have a President who's lust for power far outweighs her love for country. What compass she will follow is any one's guess.  I would guess it will be the most expedient for which ever master she most needs to placate. Hopefully they will have a direction, unlike Obama's, that will bear some benefit for the country no matter how remote.  It's obvious she has no such thoughts of her own.

I've struggled over Trump as you who read this know.  He reminds me of a kid turned loose in a bouncy house.  He's all over the place and never the same place twice. The largest factor that disturbs be, though, is his refusal to rein himself in. We're already hearing the beginnings of excuses for a failed campaign.  The election is rigged.  Right.

We still have a ways to go.  He could quit before hand to stave off humiliation and the infamous e-mails in Julian Assange's possession may yet be released.  Oh happy day.

I wonder what would happen if both candidates were discredited to the point of having to withdraw before the actual election.  Neither back bench is particularly strong nor inspiring but maybe that's what we need.  Some staid old politician who still believes being pragmatic is the preferred way of getting things done.

Ah.  Those days are gone forever I fear.  I don't much care for the new normal.  It's a generational thing.  Too bad.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Boorish Boy From Queens

I've long been wondering if the Republicans could have prevented the mess they're in if they had intervened  with Mr. Trump sooner.

I know Reince Priebus is good at raising money but as the leader of the Republican National Committee he comes across as weak.  At least that's how I see him.  I understand the national committee should be neutral when it comes to their candidates, but in the case of Mr. Trump I think they would have been perfectly justified in sitting him down early on and explaining to him that his insults and name calling aren't the Republican way and if he continues he'd not be welcome as a Republican.

Of course no one expected him to hit the hot buttons he did. Practically to a candidate they all said Trump would not be their nominee.  Wrong.

At first I thought it was sour grapes because they saw business as usual going down the drain because someone had the audacity to tell it like it is. He could be entertaining and he is energetic but that isn't enough. I've listened to his children speak and they are all obviously well educated, articulate and devoted to their father. But the father they know and the candidate we know are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They can't possibly be the same person.  Yet it does help explain why he's on wife number three. How could you live with that personality and stay civilized?

His personal life is beside the point though.  We're not looking for a father image.  It was thought his business acumen was something we've long needed in government. How has he become the success he has with that petty, mean spirited, thin skinned personality? Does he merely bully his opposition into compliance?

All being said and done, I cannot see this man as President of the United States of America. I'd like to believe we still have high enough standards that insulting every and anyone is not the way to the presidency. Do we have a choice?  That's another post, but I've been waiting to hear coherence of thought and have not.  Just bluster.  Nasty name calling.  Conspiracy theories.  Every paranoid nuance wrapped up in one frenetic personality.

Let's run Pence against Kaine.  They may be old school establishment politicians but both seem like decent men. Where were they when we needed them? Standing aside for the lowest common denominator of both parties yet willing to take the number two slot? Why?

It's sad to me that we are showing the soft underbelly of  the country to the world.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Political Chaos Reigns!

I must admit I'm thoroughly enjoying the chaos at the Democrat convention.  Oh, they and their media lemmings were so smug about the chaos at the Republican convention.  And, oh boy, the jokes about e-mails will be running rampant. Pure glee.

Now it would seem they have no more integrity than, if even as much, as the Republicans.  And I can't wait to hear the e-mail jokes that are sure to be running rampant!

It is with some satisfaction I see the Democrat gurus don't get it any more than the Republicans.  They too, are so entrenched with the status quo that the thought of rebellion by their minions never occurred to them.  It only happens in the other party.  Wrong!  Now they're scrambling, in both parties, to figure out what to do to save their own place at the public trough,

That's why we have Donald Trump and had fair been fair might well have had Bernie Sanders.  What is it they don't get?  Obama says everything is peachy keen, not at all like the doomsday scenario being depicted.

Well I have news for Obama.  I don't live in his bubble and I know, not merely perceive, how the people feel.  I know that the unemployment figures are skewed by not counting those who've left the work force because they couldn't get a job that would sustain their families.  That's why welfare roles and food stamps are running so high.

I know salaries have been stagnant and they tell we older folks that we can't have a cost of living adjustment because their is no inflation.  Tell me 70 some odd cents for an ear of corn isn't inflation!  Or nearly $3 per pound for hamburger.  Hamburger!

Maybe things aren't as bad as we think but the perception is that it is.  It's because the media dwells on  what makes ratings.  White/black police conflicts are one.  Mass killings another.  Demonstrations turning violent, another.  What are we supposed to think?  Even our newspapers have fallen down on the job.  Ours, we get two, is predominantly AP stories  right down to the photographs.  Evening news?  Forget it.  If you want detail on a story go to their website. It's ridiculous.

This a small sampling of why Americans are irked.  All that's happening now is that they're voicing it at the conventions. So far I've seen no indication the politicians get it even now.  Except for Trump.  Like him or not, he gets it.

And so do the people who are for him and for Sanders.  Neither is my choice as the best champion to take the fight forward but it's a start.  It's a start.

Friday, July 22, 2016

One Down, One To Go

Much to my surprise I listened to the entirety of Trump's accpetance speech last night. Actually I wanted to hear Ivanka's introduction of her father because I hadn't heard her speak before.

She did a good job. As did her brothers.  Someone said his family is the best thing Trump has going for him and that may be true.  I also don't think we should forget who set them on their current paths.  Trump.  He, along with their mothers, deserves a thumbs up for that.

His speech was barely finished before the media critics started ripping it apart.  I actually thought it was quite good.  He didn't make any glaring errors that I am aware of and as for it being "dark"; well that's how he and many of us see the times we are now living in.

Am I suddenly a Trumpster?  Not quite.  I'm far too cynical to buy into all the accolades that came from personal friends and family.   He is, however, now the official Republican nominee and we have to live with it.

I wish for two things.  That he surrounds himself with the best people  available regardless of party and listens to their advice before acting and two, that the party, no matter how skeptical, work with him in the spirit of defeating Hillary if for nothing else.  There must be some adults in the room somewhere though they've kept pretty well out of the picture up to this point.

Next comes Hillary. I guess I find Trump less objectionable because he's not yet lied to us as blatantly  as has Hillary nor has he thumbed his nose at our national security while reaping profits for a "foundation".

I'll vote.  I'm seriously looking at the Green Party or the Libertarians.  Of course they can't win; it would be no more than a protest vote.  I worry about that too because I do buy in to the theory that every protest vote against Trump is a vote for Hillary.

Not to worry.  There's quite a bit of time between now and November.  Maybe Trump will show he can be "presidential" or confirm that he is nothing more than egotistical jerk. Either way, my vote will not be going to Hillary.  To me our first black President has been a huge disappointment because of his own ego and tin ear.  I expect no more from she who would be our first female president. She has been tarred by scandal her entire public life.  I'd rather someone more deserving have the honor she so covets.

I'll remain in a state of flux for awhile yet.  Trump yea or nay? Hillary.  Nay. That's a definite.