Sunday, April 10, 2016

Political Chaos

I'm sure many of you feel the same as I when watching this election year unfold. List your own adjective.  I have too many.

That being said, I'm wondering about the obvious disconnect between voter frustration and establishment frustration.  Voters want something different than what we now have.  The "establishment" doesn't seem to understand that;  they definitely want something different but it's also different from what we want.

Flawed as they may be, we want one of the candidates for whom we voted.  The establishment wants one of their own. Neither side has come up with anything even close acceptable.  Name calling, insults and out right lies seem to be in vogue so how can any of us believe anything they tell us.  any of them.

The Dems have Hillary and Bernie.  The Republicans have Ted and Trump and a taste of Kasich.  Obviously Kasich isn't going down too well.  We Independents don't have any one.  Do we stay home?  I'm beginning to think so.

I think, too, our political leadership from the local level on up are is of two things.  Mindlessly corrupt or Peter Principled out. Most likely a little of each.

After all, just as it doesn't buy class, money doesn't buy smarts either.  Consider some of the messes politicians get themself into thinking they are above the law. Just look at Hillary.  Being out of office doesn't necessarily protect you either.  Look at Denny Hastert.  Look also at the salaries they draw and the perks they get.  Talk about income inequality!

For how things get skewed just look at state salaries at the state university level.  The Football coach at Washington State makes $2.75 million plus. The newly appointed President makes a mere $625 thousand.  Does he get bonuses?  I doubt it.  He doesn't have his own radio show, or games to win or bowls for which to become eligible.  Nope.  He only has to see that the students he is responsible for get an education and don't get killed by monsters roaming the campus or stupid frat party hijinks.  Which is more important?  If those goals were actually accomplished I'd vote for number 2 but in today's educational climate I'd question it considering the students across the country seem to be running the asylums.

I remind myself of my dearly departed Mother who knew she couldn't change things but always wanted to know what was going on.  On the other hand maybe ignorance is bliss.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Cream Of The Presidential Crop Is Sour

I cannot recall ever seeing two more disagreeable people vying to be our President.  Hillary has always skated on ethically thin ice and is still doing so.  She is, however, a known quantity and if enough people think she is worthy of the job she will get it.

Mr. Trump is another case all together.  He is certainly being helped along by FOX news who unabashedly support him and the Republican Party which seems unable to keep from tripping over their own feet in trying to oust him.

I have a theory for them to consider.  Let him alone and he will implode all on his own.  If the Republicans persist in their quest for a brokered or contested convention Trump will have someone to blame.  If they keep their mouths closed they have the chance to regain some sense of dignity.  Not that I expect it from the current crop of Republican leadership.  I use that term loosely.

Something every one need consider with Mr. Trump is that he is not a known quantity.  If he can't act with decorum during the campaign what is he likely to do when a foreign leader disagrees with him or even tries just to get a straight answer? Generalities bound in bluster isn't governing.

I may be mistaken, but Trump is on overload with me and hopefully a lot of other voters.  He is rude. He is crude. Worst of all he seems to be addicted to Twitter and that I think will be his downfall.

Surely he must realize that all of his opposition follow his Tweets religiously and are johnny on the spot to broadcast any thing and every thing that can make him look bad.  Well, maybe not, he's making himself look bad.

Actually it's who and what he is.  He says he can act presidential but he has yet to show it.  Not even a smidge.  I think somewhere in the deep reaches of his ego he thinks he has a perfect right to spew whatever venom that comes to mind in any particular moment. Frankly I'm tired of it and embarrassed by him.

I'm also tired of Ted Cruz taking every opportunity that presents itself to perpetuate Trump's childish behavior and thus his own.   I guess he doesn't think he is damaged by doing so but at least with me he has diminished himself as candidate.  Not that I particularly liked him in the first place.  He still reminds me of  the self rightous and totally insincere Elmer Gantry.

Hillary the Shrill and The Donald. Wow.  And in second place Bernie and Cruz. What a choice!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Who's Left?

I've had it with the presidential candidates.  Really, out of a nation of some 30 milling people is this really the best we can do?  That's an old cliche if ever there was one.

I am beyond disgusted with all of them.  In fact they've become an embarrassment.  This bit about the wives is so pre-adolescent I can't believe either Trump or Cruz would go there.  But both have.  At this point I don't give a hoot if Cruz has had affairs.  We already know Trump has. Just look at past candidates and presidents and for that matter Congress.  There are so many that are morally challenged I can't begin to name them.

The only one tending to the business of running for president is Bernie Sanders.  I can't vote for him because I just don't agree with what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. But as far as having a moral compass, he seems to be it.

What about Kasich?  I had wanted him to get in the race but he has lost me.  He brags about what he did decades ago and he didn't accomplish anything strictly by himself.  I don't believe, either, that the mess the world finds itself in can be cured with "love".  Love is a two way street.  What we're facing is a dead end road and hopefully it will be ISIS and their ilk rather than us.

So on it goes.  I will be interested in seeing if Obama learns how to dance and if Hillary learns how to tell the truth.

I'm not holding my breath.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Difference Between Easter And Christmas

As I am out and about these days it seems like there are Easter eggs and bunnys everywhere.  There are ads for Easter Brunch and sunrise services.

The stores are filled with Easter baskets, candy peeps, hot cross buns - everything celebrating the day.

Lent is over.  Mardi Gras is over.  The eggs are colored by now and no doubt being hidden for the hunts that will be in full swing tomorrow.

You know what is missing?  The politically correct rants against Christmas ~ trees, Santa Claus and heaven forbid a nativity scene. Easter even has a parallel to Christmas.  The Easter bunny to Santa Claus for the lighter side and the children.

What's the difference between and Easter Egg hunt at the White House and the ten commandments on your court house lawn?

Explain to me the difference between depictions of the crucifixion and a nativity scene.  One celebrates birth.  The other celebrates death and ascension.  Of the same being. Both being annual events; perhaps the most  important and celebrated days of the Christian religions.

I'm really curious.  Where are they, the nay sayers, the atheists?   Hopefully they'll stay beneath their rocks.  In the mean time Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

...And The Winner Is...

Ah, another group of primaries today.  I'd like to say, "May the best man win" but alas there is no best man.

As I watch clips from the various candidates I wonder when they going to realize that in their attempts to oust The Donald they look weak and pathetic.  At least to me.

This is supposed to be an election to choose the President of our country.  I don't know what exactly I would relate it but it certainly isn't what one would expect for that presidency.  My assessment remains the same.  Donald Trump scares me, not so much because of his behavior and course language but because he's an unknown quantity.  However, if he wins the primaries fair and square the "establishment" would be slapping the faces of all those who voted for him.  Do they really want to hang that around their collective necks?

Ted Cruz also scares me.  I don't like his evangelical fervor which seems to change depending on his audience.  Also, should he win, how is he going to get along with Congress if it is so that they "hate" him.  Hate is a strong and destructive emotion and I'm not sure it isn't more an intense dislike.  What worries me is if he will use presidential fiat much as Obama has and for just as many divisive  reasons.  Yes, others have used it but I don't recall it being made such an issue.  I could be mistaken.  The old mind isn't as sharp as it used to be.

The there is dear Marco Rubio.  I have to give him an "A" for effort but I think the handwriting is on the wall. The question about him is what's he going to do for a living since he wasn't going to run again for Senate.  Will he join the ranks of lobbyists and revert to type as an end of career fall back?

Who knows.  The more they tangle the more I'm sure I'm going to vote for none of the above.  The more they fall to the bait of a Trump victory the more I see them throwing tantrums when any thing else comes up that doesn't mesh with their tunnel vision.

I won't be commenting on tonight's results.  We're off to Yellowstone to seek out the bears emerging from their slumber and the wolves who will stalk the weaker ones.  The analogy pertaining to current politics is that the weak ones, Cruz and Rubio, are stalking the strong one, Trump.

What I do know for sure the bears and the wolves are consistent in their roles and behavior.  Too bad the political class isn't the same.