Saturday, October 07, 2017

A Traitor Among Us - California

No.  Not Bowe Bergdahl though by some standards he does qualify.  No.  This is a state.  California - now a sanctuary state for those in this country illegally.

While it is said that most in California illegally are from Mexico and Latin America, what is to prevent  those who wish us harm from also entering?  Not to mention California probably has a fair share of them already.

I find the governor's timing interesting.  Signing this legislation right after the massacre in Las Vegas. Some I'm sure would say one has nothing to do with the other.  Perhaps.  But what happened in Las Vegas is a reminder of what can happen when a loose cannon really gets loose!

I understand the current generation - those in charge of most everything - have a very liberal outlook about everything.  Warm and fuzzy rules without an ounce of good senses, knowledge of history nor desire to obtain it. Consequences?  What are those?

I remember when I thought I knew everything.  It was when I was in my early 20s and thought everyone over 40 was an  old fogey. Well, those old fogeys knocked me down the necessary pegs in a hurry.  The difference between then and now is that I listened, in some cases swallowed my over reaching pride and, most importantly - learned!

Such behavior is no longer the norm.  California governor Jerry Brown is closer to my age than most of those he governs.  He has always leaned so far left he always appeared to me to be out of balance. That's why when he was governor before he was called Governor Moonbeam. An ethereal glow in the dark. The dark being what he did to California and still is. That seems the only thing about him that could possibly appeal to the younger Snowflakes and those who nourish them.

I've lived in California twice.  Once in the Bay area. Once in the L.A. area. It was pleasant enough if you didn't mind an occasional earthquake that could throw you off balance or drop a few items from your shelves.  You could still use charcoal in your barbecues.  If you were willing to commute over 2 hours each direction you could find a house you could afford and you took for granted that some of the crew caring for your lawn were illegal.  The thought that they might be there to harm you never entered your mind.  If they did something wrong they were arrested just like any of us would have been.

Now what?  How do Californians even survive?  The property values are way beyond reasonable, the taxes crippling and administrative dictates no more more than a paean to a liberal base that bears no resemblance to reality as it is today. That landscaping crew is now suspect.  How many have criminal records and I'm not talking traffic tickets.

When the discussion about securing our borders first began it was about the border between Mexico and the United States.  Now we have to worry about the border between California and the rest of us. It's porous.  Oh, yes.  Are we going to have to establish border crossings and assign border patrols to that lengthy stretch of desert and mountain?

Re think it guv. You're way off base on this one. You've put the entire nation at greater risk than what already exists.  I hope you can live with it when the next atrocity is committed by a thug who came via California.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Stand Up Dammit!

Man, I am so sick and tired of professional athletes who make more in a year than we will in our lifetime dissing our flag, our country and by default all who defend it, in so called protest over social injustice.

I know, I know.  It has all been said before.  Free speech, their race being downtrodden, they're victims of police brutality and on and on.

Even worse are the team owners and those who regulate sports getting on the band wagon. None of them, not one is exactly downtrodden.  Issues with police have no business on the playing field.

Okay.  Has it ever occurred to these bozos that those who defend their right to act like uneducated boobs that the armed forces are full of people of all races, religions and genders?  How 'bout a protest for them?

How many of them have served and was called upon to salute a buddy felled in battle?  Have they any idea of the suffering that buddy most likely endured?  For what?  For them!  So they could play football or basketball or baseball or whatever!

How many of them have foundations to help their own?  Some do, of course, but really, how many over all? How many of them go beyond the NFL requirements to give a hand in the community, in their own communities where the youngsters really need figures to look up to?  Not for their prowess in sports, but for encouragement to excel and the support needed to help them along their way?

Every country in the world has it's social ills.  We of course have ours. But to show disrespect for our country all because you don't like our current President is shameful, disgusting and to borrow from Hillary makes every one who does so deplorable!

Sort out your priorities boys. There is a time and place for everything.  If you don't like the way things are do something about it.  Fist salutes and bended knee before our national anthem and flag isn't the way.  Put some of your vast sums of money where your mouth is.  How many people in Cleveland could be housed for what LaBron pays in mortgage every month?

It's not just tough being black in America today.  It's tough just being for vast numbers of us.  Yet we're not out there disrespecting our country.

It is ours, you see.  So get beyond the cheap theatrics and if you really care get off your knees and do something about it.

PS - That goes for celebrities and their snarky insults too.  Contrary to their opinion of their own intellects, they are not all knowing any more than any of the rest of us.  The difference is we're busy trying to live good lives and raise good families rather than celebrate ourselves and our egos.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Media ~ A Chance To Get It Right

During this time of crisis the media almost got it right even if at times their fevered pitch showed a terrible grasp of fact.

That being said, I think their over all handling of Harvey was a B+ to A-.  The over kill on Melania's heels and the lack of compassion nonsense keeps it from reaching the top.

Now they have a new challenge.  The flood waters are receding, pets are being rescued, the death toll is stabilizing and the boats are heading back to more friendly waters.

What happens now?  The reporters go back to their headquarters to get new assignments.  Meanwhile the rebuilding of lives, homes and businesses is just beginning.  There have been promises of aid from the administration.  The hiccup will come if Congress decides to get political and the President doesn't crack his whip.

Let's look at Congress.  They've pretty much sat this out.  But just wait to hear the howls from Florida if Irma descends on them!  Never-the-less, action will be needed on an aid bill asap.  Will they try to attach a lot of unpopular or controversial legislation to it therefore delaying it?  Time will tell but the more of that kind of thing they try the more they will push people to Trump's side.

The next question is whether or not the media will cover it if it's in Trump's favor. Past history indicates they will try their best to blame negatives on Trump no matter who is to blame.  One thing that ought be remembered is that Trump is politician by default and follows his own thoughts rather than those of either party.  For both good and sometimes not so good but still true.

It's time for Congress to try to get a handle on how his head works for the sake of the country.  It would be good for them to let loose of some of their ideology anyway.  It is, as with Trump's, neither all bad nor good.

So lets see if the media will hold Congressional feet to the fire if they play obstructionist no matter the party.  It's a chance to grow from a fine job with Harvey.  It's also a chance for them to retreat to the partisan stronghold from which they came.  It's their choice.

Any bets?

Friday, September 01, 2017

Hey Media - The NW Is Having A Natural Disaster Too!

Hey media types, there's stuff going on elsewhere you know!

I mean this in no way to diminish the destruction of hurricane Harvey and the human suffering it has wrought but I'm a little tired of seeing it 24/7 when other areas of the country are suffering their own natural disasters.

We are in a severe drought in my neck of the woods.  We've had no rain since late June and everything is parched beyond belief.  And burning.  It has been going on for months.  Not days or weeks - months! The air quality is horrible - often dangerous.  Your throat and eyes burn, everything smells of smoke.  The sun and moon are blood red in the haze.  When you can see them.

Occasionally a dry thunder storm blows through and it's lightening starts up a whole new batch of fires.  Fronts come through with their breezes and spread them. The map to the upper left shows the active fires as of today in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and beyond.  There is no relief in sight for at least the next week and temperatures are hovering in the 90s and higher in many places. Imagine fighting those blazes with the required gear and clothing.  One must have a tolerance for heat, that's for sure. And yes, those responders are every bit the heros as those on the Gulf Coast.

Yes.  People are losing their homes, towns are being evacuated, livestock and wild life are burning to death. Our forests and farmslands are being decimated. What assets that are available all go to fighting the fires which won't be totally out until snow flies - if it flies.

Now understand, out here in the west this is an annual occurrence.  Every summer we burn yet we see little in the national media about it.  I see no celebrities nor sports stars contributing big bucks nor organizing fund raisers for those afflicted.  It affects the people in these areas no less than the flooding in Texas.

Maybe Congress would increase the fire fighting budget if they did.  It's totally depleted.  There are no more fire crews.  The fire season is no where near being over.

So how 'bout it media guys?  Give our plight some attention too.  You'll find the people no less thankful, the hospitality just as gracious and even the countryside, what's left of it, quite beautiful.

We could use the exposure too.  We aren't east coast centric so it's more difficult to get the word out. So, in that spirit - HELP!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Land That I Love Revisited

Well, well, well. My beloved country does still exist.  I found it in Texas and Louisiana environs this past and ongoing week.

Having lived in Houston for some time, my heart was broken watching the damage accumulate. I'm sure our former home in Missouri City was flooded.  Fortunately friends still there are okay.

America.  Our flag is red, white and blue. I'm hoping that raises it above racial, sexual or religious criticism.  And it speaks freely for what it stands for.  No brown nor black nor white nor yellow.  Just the basics.  And the basic American is what is making the recovery effort in Texas work.  It doesn't matter what color you are, if you speak with an accent, live in an area less desirable than another, you're all one with America.

The politicians most visible are the ones whose responsibility is for blocks of people - town mayors, the governor, the police chief. All doing their jobs.

The President has made an appearance and is due for another.  Mike Pence, VP, is down there with sleeves rolled up helping out.  Cabinet members have made themselves available to local officials to help ease burdens. This is America at it's best.

What's missing?  I may be wrong in this but I've seen but one politician interview.  Ted Cruz making the appropriate platitudes in nice clean trousers and shirt without a smidge of mud.  C'mon guys.  Dig in!

On second thought, don't.  The people are doing just fine without you getting under foot. The media could ease up on some of their in your face reporting too but so far it has been satisfactory if not too ongoing for those of us who live elsewhere and are fighting our own demons.  Wildfires here.  Drought.  But we don't generate ratings this year.  It's the year of the flood!

That's okay.  Should we need the help of Texans at some point they will be here.  Bet on it. Too bad it has taken a natural disaster to remind us of who we are.  No.  I have that wrong.  We well know who we are.  It's Congress who needs reminded and I haven't heard a whimper other than rumblings they're going to fight disaster relief.

I dare them. If they actually do it will be time for a whole new cast.  We can applaud or we can boo.  I'd rather applaud but I'm keeping my voice in shape just in case.

God Bless America, Land That I Love.