Monday, November 23, 2015

Of Course I'm Afraid!

 Don't mock me, Mr. President, because you're the one who planted my fear under the guise of keeping us safe.  Now you want me to believe we have nothing to fear from refugees who can't even be proven to be Syrian, whether Muslim or otherwise? People from an area who are at war with themselves and it would seem everyone else who doesn't believe as they do?

You can't have it both ways.  When I can go to a Federal office building and enter without going through a metal detector and being patted down, then maybe I'll relax.  If at my age, sex and race I can go to an airport and board a plane without being molested by TSA personnel, maybe I'll relax.

When TSA personnel quit stealing from my luggage and can catch contraband being smuggled as a test, maybe then I'll relax.

When ISIS closes it's schools that teach kids and women how to be suicide bombers maybe I'll relax.
Maybe too when enough Imams say enough is enough and put some clout behind it maybe I'll relax.

Maybe too, when the cops are once again the good guys, professors actually teach rather than pander and students apply themselves to learning rather than self aggrandizement based on their "world views" I'll relax.

Until then Mr. President, keep your snarky criticisms to yourself.  If you were more interested in the well being of the American people more than your own legacy I'd feel a whole lot better.

If you'd show that the bloody slaughter of hundreds of innocent people by people who wish us all dead is of more concern to us than your view of climate change than I might have some respect for you.

As it is, I do not. So yes.  I'm afraid.  For myself, for my community and most of all for my country and I have you and your ilk to thank for it.  In all fairness it isn't just you, the individual, but also of previous administrations who couldn't be bothered and a Congress who's greatest talent is burying its  head in the sand and a military/intelligence community willing to lie about statistics to protect your agenda.

You, sir, are however the voice of it all and yes, I am afraid of you, of what you've done and what you may yet do.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Are We Finally Waking Up?

With the likes of CBS's Jake Tapper and the Sentate's Diane Feinstein challenging what the President has to say about our ISIS strategy and governors are putting their collective foot down and saying no to taking in Syrian refugees I'm given a modicum of hope.

Today in Turkey the President held firm his stance that there will be no change in our strategy.  Well,  that's easy to believe since there isn't one.  Unless you consider doing the least amount possible a strategy.

Slowly but surely the pro President press and Democrats are beginning to hedge their bets.  They are beginning to see that the Presidential rhetoric is false and that the truth of the situation with Islamic terrorists has once again shown itself in Paris.  Before that the Russian air bus, before that in Lebanon.  Should it happen again here they would all be culpable.

Nine eleven was 14 years ago.  If you believe what goes 'round comes 'round it is only a matter of time until the cells in this country put whatever they're planning into action.  And remember there are groups being watched in all 50 states.

The President would have us believe he listens to his generals.  The generals tell us he doesn't read the intelligence reports made available to him.  I believe the generals.

We've put up with Presidential arrogance for quite awhile now and shrug it off because there is little we can do especially since the Congress seems not to have the ability nor the will to intervene.  The time has now come for that arrogance to be called out.  No one man knows better than the rest of the world combined.  When the vast majority of leaders, scholars and the military are in disagreement with the choices the President makes we need beware.

It was Paris on Friday.  Someone will be next sooner rather than later.  Will it be us? You?  Me?  We deserve more from those we've chosen to lead this country and so does the rest of the world which has always looked to America for leadership and now finds no more than betrayal, false promises and desertion.

What have we done?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Here's To French Resolve

I'm taking French President Hollande at his word when he states the response to the terrorist attacks will be merciless.  I hope he takes it further than the Jordanians did after one of their young pilots was burned alive.  A few air strikes and gone.

Perhaps the difference will be the fact France is not a Muslim country.  Jordan is.

More importantly, someone needs to take the lead in the fight against Islamic radicalism and it sure isn't going to be us. Who better than the French since they've been on the receiving end of terror strikes twice within this calendar year!

What gives me great pause is wondering what would be happening if those attacks had happened here.  I think a lot of breast beating and woe is us for a few news cycles until the furor died down then as is usual with this administration - nothing.

Whatever we've become as a nation will be revealed in no uncertain terms come next November.  Have we really become a "selfie" nation that care more about our personal wants than the good of the nation as a whole?  Have we really come to believe a group of students on college campuses who are still wet behind the ears know better than adults who have lived life and seen the world?

Have we really come to believe that the government is the end all and that no matter how burdensome taxes may be we will get it all back in the form of entitlements?

Have we really come to believe that a Donald Trump will do us proud over a Ben Carson who is belittled because he's a gentleman and a gentle man?  Or that the conviction of a Ted Cruz or or Marco Rubio is offensive?  Why?  Because they seem, at least, to love their country and have ideas on how to put it back on track.

Are we so blase about the abilities of women we're willing to lionize a Hillary Clinton with all her baggage yet won't even offer Carly Fiorina a bowl of milk because she's a Republican?

I hope we have a year to sort it out.  But as France has found out, there are no guarantees no matter the effort.  Those running for office, I am sure, are listening to what former diplomats, military personnel and students of the history of those who oppose us have to say.  The Democrats are not but surely most of the Republicans are.  I hope so; not only listening but actually hearing.

What remains to be seen is if the candidates who would love to lead us not only state their convictions,  it's politically expedient, but also have the courage of them.

In the meantime we must look to France and the allies it can pull together to keep us safe. If anything is un-American it's cowering behind others.  It's time to admit there is no such thing as leading from behind and remedy it.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Comfort Of Sorts

We've been away again, avoiding all the political news as best we could.  TVs in breakfast rooms and USA Today headlines always seem to catch your eye however.

I really tuned out after hearing about Trump's rampage about Ben Carson.  No, Mr. Trump.  The people of Iowa aren't stupid and neither am I.  I'm sick and tired of you calling everyone who disagrees with you or thinks you have a temperament problem stupid.

This morning I read Trump's poll numbers have surged to 42%.  Unfortunately I understand why.  It's why he's been leading all along.  He says what he thinks no matter how outrageous and somehow his exuberance is infectious.

So it will be in his outrage over what has happened in Paris and what he would do about it.  You get the feeling he actually will carry out what ever his threats may be no matter if they are prudent or not.  Does it matter?  Pussy footing around these terrorists because someone may be offended has got to stop.  Our leaders seem inclined to expect everyone else to make it happen.  Everyone else expects the U.S. to grab the monster by the horns and lead the way.

Which of the candidates is most convincing in righteous outrage? Why of course, it's Trump.  Perception in this case outweighs prudence.  Maybe it's what is needed.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Debates? Who Needs Them!

First of all what is being called a debate bears no resemblance to what a debate really is.  Secondly, both the political parties and the networks should have a say in who the moderators should be.

More so, however, at this point in time, they really have little value.  The Republicans have too many candidates trying to outdo one another rather than lay out their own vision of policy.  The Democrats are no more than a love fest for Hillary and an opportunity for her to excoriate the Republicans. Her policies make no sense either unless taxing the rich is the end all.

Since the candidates aren't lacking in opportunity to be heard why the debates at all?  State by state the candidates flood the populace with town halls, speeches and anything else they can think of to win them over. Do the national debates really add anything?  Considering the contentiousness and lack of substance I think not.

The debates should come into play once the nominees are decided.  Let them lay out their policies and argue their points.  Then voters can decide which approach is best for the country.

The last thing I want to see is Ben Carson's idea of holding them on Facebook.  There are those of us not wed to social media and the last place we want to go to listen to candidates duke it out.

If the debates are going to remain the same I have a dream team of moderators from FOX for the Republicans.  Britt Hume, Charles Krauthammer and Kirsten Powell for the Liberal point of view.  Their questions I believe would be relevant and lack snark.  They might even give the candidates time to speak.

Even better would be one moderator and a time keeper.  Each candidate has say 12 minutes to lay out his or her vision or anything else they'd like to say but after 12 minutes that's it.  Over.  Done. The moderator would keep everyone in line and the time keeper would just keep the time.

Then I might be interested in listening.  As of right now I can tune in anytime for at least a week after the last word has been spoken and see repeats ad nauseam.  Many times out of context to boot.  They've lost me.

Hopefully someone of ability and substance will rise to the top before next November. In the meantime there are so many things that need to be addressed personality clashes seem trivial.  The media should be covering it all.  Good luck with that.