Monday, July 25, 2016

Political Chaos Reigns!

I must admit I'm thoroughly enjoying the chaos at the Democrat convention.  Oh, they and their media lemmings were so smug about the chaos at the Republican convention.  And, oh boy, the jokes about e-mails will be running rampant. Pure glee.

Now it would seem they have no more integrity than, if even as much, as the Republicans.  And I can't wait to hear the e-mail jokes that are sure to be running rampant!

It is with some satisfaction I see the Democrat gurus don't get it any more than the Republicans.  They too, are so entrenched with the status quo that the thought of rebellion by their minions never occurred to them.  It only happens in the other party.  Wrong!  Now they're scrambling, in both parties, to figure out what to do to save their own place at the public trough,

That's why we have Donald Trump and had fair been fair might well have had Bernie Sanders.  What is it they don't get?  Obama says everything is peachy keen, not at all like the doomsday scenario being depicted.

Well I have news for Obama.  I don't live in his bubble and I know, not merely perceive, how the people feel.  I know that the unemployment figures are skewed by not counting those who've left the work force because they couldn't get a job that would sustain their families.  That's why welfare roles and food stamps are running so high.

I know salaries have been stagnant and they tell we older folks that we can't have a cost of living adjustment because their is no inflation.  Tell me 70 some odd cents for an ear of corn isn't inflation!  Or nearly $3 per pound for hamburger.  Hamburger!

Maybe things aren't as bad as we think but the perception is that it is.  It's because the media dwells on  what makes ratings.  White/black police conflicts are one.  Mass killings another.  Demonstrations turning violent, another.  What are we supposed to think?  Even our newspapers have fallen down on the job.  Ours, we get two, is predominantly AP stories  right down to the photographs.  Evening news?  Forget it.  If you want detail on a story go to their website. It's ridiculous.

This a small sampling of why Americans are irked.  All that's happening now is that they're voicing it at the conventions. So far I've seen no indication the politicians get it even now.  Except for Trump.  Like him or not, he gets it.

And so do the people who are for him and for Sanders.  Neither is my choice as the best champion to take the fight forward but it's a start.  It's a start.

Friday, July 22, 2016

One Down, One To Go

Much to my surprise I listened to the entirety of Trump's accpetance speech last night. Actually I wanted to hear Ivanka's introduction of her father because I hadn't heard her speak before.

She did a good job. As did her brothers.  Someone said his family is the best thing Trump has going for him and that may be true.  I also don't think we should forget who set them on their current paths.  Trump.  He, along with their mothers, deserves a thumbs up for that.

His speech was barely finished before the media critics started ripping it apart.  I actually thought it was quite good.  He didn't make any glaring errors that I am aware of and as for it being "dark"; well that's how he and many of us see the times we are now living in.

Am I suddenly a Trumpster?  Not quite.  I'm far too cynical to buy into all the accolades that came from personal friends and family.   He is, however, now the official Republican nominee and we have to live with it.

I wish for two things.  That he surrounds himself with the best people  available regardless of party and listens to their advice before acting and two, that the party, no matter how skeptical, work with him in the spirit of defeating Hillary if for nothing else.  There must be some adults in the room somewhere though they've kept pretty well out of the picture up to this point.

Next comes Hillary. I guess I find Trump less objectionable because he's not yet lied to us as blatantly  as has Hillary nor has he thumbed his nose at our national security while reaping profits for a "foundation".

I'll vote.  I'm seriously looking at the Green Party or the Libertarians.  Of course they can't win; it would be no more than a protest vote.  I worry about that too because I do buy in to the theory that every protest vote against Trump is a vote for Hillary.

Not to worry.  There's quite a bit of time between now and November.  Maybe Trump will show he can be "presidential" or confirm that he is nothing more than egotistical jerk. Either way, my vote will not be going to Hillary.  To me our first black President has been a huge disappointment because of his own ego and tin ear.  I expect no more from she who would be our first female president. She has been tarred by scandal her entire public life.  I'd rather someone more deserving have the honor she so covets.

I'll remain in a state of flux for awhile yet.  Trump yea or nay? Hillary.  Nay. That's a definite.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

To Quote Hillery...

To quote Hillary, "What difference does it make...?"  First, I don't think Melania "plagiarized" Michele Obama's speech.  I doubt she's ever heard it or read it.

I found the text of each on Javier Panzar's Twitter feed.  He was good enough to bold face the offending parts.  Similar?  You bet.  Even if she did study the speech for guidance, is really that big a deal?

If I were the Republicans, rather than demanding someone be fired, why don't they get their act together and quit acting like a bunch of spoiled brats in a snit because they didn't get their way?  It's bad enough how they've been behaving throughout the primary season but now it's getting in your face coverage around the world!  Nice impression.

The Democrats have their turn next week.  I'd like to say I can hardly wait but quite honestly I don't really care to watch the glorification of Hillary Clinton.

About 10% of registered voters participated in the 2016 primaries.  How did we let so few bring us to this?

Friday, July 08, 2016

In Defense of Comey - Sort Of

For months now we've been told Jim Comey, head of the FBI, is a real stand up guy and will do the right thing.  So what's the deal.  A few thoughts.

One, we didn't take into consideration the fact he is a Republican in a Democrtic administration.  Two, he knew that justice would not pursue a recommendation to prosecute or even call for a grand jury in the Clinton case.

We also don't known what he may have been threatened with if he went against the grain.  It's sad I'd even think our government might stoop to threats to keep their own employees in line but I do think it.  They extracted a pound of flesh from Mr. Comey. We just don't know how.

This is all assumption now.  That he is a patriot and he choked over his own words to not prosecute.

What he did do, however, is lay out the complete case against Clinton and gave the Republicans the facts they need to drive home the idea she is not suitable for the office of President.  She lied to Congress; Comey agreed.  That's perjury.  Plain and simple. She is a compulsive liar.  She is also protected by the rabidly faithful Democrats of which the Justice Department is a part.

Why, however, Comey chose to fall on his own sword rather than letting Lynch and Justice fall on theirs is beyond me unless there was some sort of coercion. We know various govenment agencies can be ruthless.  The IRS and the EPA are a couple of examples.

We'll probably never know why Clinton wasn't put under oath by the FBI nor why Comey wasn't present during the interview.  Hopefully the State Department's investigation will be enlightening but, again, I doubt it.

Back to my original point.  The facts of the investigation were laid out clearly and succinctly.  If the Republicans and Mr. Trump are smart they'll take them in context and put them to good use. Are they that smart?  They have yet to show it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Justice Prevails? Only For The Privileged

Did any of you listen to or read James Comey's report on the Clinton e-mails today?  It was scathing.  He laid out in detail all that was done that should not have been. Then he ignored the most important part of the statute concerned - the one that doesn't mention intent, but rather the criminality of carelessness. Just carelessness.

For months judges and prosecutors have been articulating the rule of law concerning her actions.  She should be guilty under several counts. Never mind the constant lying about the number of devices she used and the markings or lack thereof on the documents under question.

Yet she's given a pass.  Obama said she did nothing wrong.  Well, by his standards that would be true.  He who picks and chooses which part of laws on the books he wants enforced and which parts not.  Or he takes executive actions bypassing Congress to advance his own agenda.

Then husband Bill has a little visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the FBI finally interviews Hillary on Saturday and the result of that lengthy investigation is wrapped up by today.  They came to their conclusion that fast after so long.  Wow.

I think Mr. Comey is not the stand up guy he's been described as. I think he caved to Presidential pressure.  I think his career with the FBI is probably stained enough that it might as well be over.

But what I think matters not.  What does is that Hillary's mishandling of government classified, sensitive and top secret information were laid out with damning detail. And the FBI could see no reason to indite or even call for a grand jury to see if charges were warranted.  The FBI then became judge and jury going against the very essence of their findings.

You wonder why I'm having trouble doing this blog?  I just cannot get my head around what our government is doing or why.  The deceit, the lies - not as an exception to the rule.  It is the rule.

This is no longer the country in which I grew up.  It has become as foreign to me as so many other countries in the world that operate for the well being of those in charge rather than the well being of their citizens.

It's tough to write about when I can make no sense of it.