Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What's So Wrong With Pragmatism?

The trend in news coverage for the moment seems to be surprise that President Trump is changing where he stands on a variety of issues.  OMG, it's not what he promised during the campaign.  He's letting us down.

The only area in where he's letting us down is his inability to give up his tweets.  But then who expected that he would?

More importantly though is his stand on Syria and North Korea.  I think it's the one area where is actually listening to someone other than himself.  Because of that his views are shifting.  That's being pragmatic.

He's finding he doesn't know everything.  That's good.  Because he doesn't.  I'd really be worried if his attitudes didn't evolve as he gains more information to guide his decision making.  If only Congress would do the same.  Actually they've dug in their heels over untenable positions far more than the President.

He would appear to be learning that governing is no slam dunk.  That too is good. So much is being made of his first 100 days.  I'd give him a perilous "C".  It could have been far worse.  It should have been far better but at least the country hasn't fallen completely apart even though the anti-Trumpsters would have you believe otherwise.

If he continues to change his positions and they go in the right direction I'll remain cautiously optimistic.  Very cautiously.

Friday, April 07, 2017

AAAaargh! Back To Politics

Following the minuscule steps involved in trying to save an organization from itself has gotten to be drudgery so for the moment I'm back to politics.

Don't those nitwits in Washington ever learn anything?  Take health care reform.  The first try of repeal and replace failed miserably.  So what did they try to do?  Apply a few more bandages and force it through again before their Easter recess!  Hello?  DO IT RIGHT FOR ONCE!

The Supreme Court debacle.  You were mean to our candidate so now we're not going to confirm yours!  Yes, Judge Garland should have been given the courtesy of a hearing and actually should have been voted on because the premise it had never been done in the last year of an administration is stretching the truth to say the least.  But what's to be gained by this infantile refusal to confirm an eminently qualified judge?  It's nothing more than sour grapes.  GET OVER IT!

And now the missile attack in Syria.  Of course the Congress doesn't know the strategy. Even if policy and strategy were to spelled out behind closed doors it is obvious there are those within the government who cannot keep their big mouths shut.  Trump has already said he wasn't going to lay out anything within a billion miles of the media because he wasn't going to telegraph our enemies what he had in mind.  Never mind Obama used to telegraph stuff all the time then never followed through! But Trump is right.  DON"T GIVE AWAY OUR PLANS IN ADVANCE!

Sheesh.  Now I've gotten that out of my system, I can report my merry little band of film people are moving right along.  Thank goodness something is.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Board Meeting #2

Some boards are like pieces of wood but not mine!  We had a full crew today and got so much accomplished.  Just like it's supposed to be.

We discussed projects, delegated responsibility and set deadlines. I know one thing for certain, this group wants to make this organization work.  So do I.  Mind you, all of us are volunteers.

We have two major projects in the works.  One will be putting together a potential curriculum on film making for a local tech school.  The other a possible film to teach kids about the arts. It's exciting for me to be working with such energized and creative people.

After the meeting one of the members nabbed me for a chat.  Mind you I'm just getting to know these folks.  We must have spent a half hour or more while this screen writer told me about his former career in law enforcement and how it ties in with his pre-production efforts for a big budget film based on these experiences.  To be filmed in this area. Cool.

The talent we have in this little town of ours is astounding.  To be continued...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Can My Organization Survive?

I have a dilemma with my film group.  It was first formed as a means for local film professionals to get together and shoot the breeze.  Then the founder got really busy with his own work and turned it over to a member to continue.

It was decided to change the direction of the organization into one that actually made films as a training mechanism, a place to learn and hone skills. As happens in all volunteer organizations people were given responsibilities that weren't fulfilled and in due time the new leader burned out.

A new board was formed to see if one more effort could save it.  This is when I came in.  Before I was merely a friend of a few of the members and was willing to advise but not join.  With the change I decided to give it a try.

So now our dilemma is getting volunteers re-involved.  I've developed a couple of wonderful opportunities and have been forging alliances with other arts organizations to enhance our exposure in the community but a membership used to nothing more than monthly meetings have a rather blank look when asked to get involved.

I think it's time for our president to ask them directly at the next meeting just what it is they expect for their membership dues.  If it were me I'd want more than a monthly meeting where there is nothing more than free coffee and speakers who may or may not be of interest to the group as a whole.

I sure bit off a mouthful.  Now I'm hoping it isn't too much to chew!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Directions And A DIfferent Kind Of Politics

I've been thinking about this for some time.  Going a new direction with this blog.  I'm burned out when it comes to politics.

There are two reasons for this.  First is the 5 acres we live on and now that spring is essentially here we have a lot of  winter damage to clean up.

Secondly I have taken a board position with the Film Alliance Northwest which is a non-profit dedicated to providing a forum and educational opportunities for those in the entertainment business, those who would like to be and those who are merely curious.

The organization is in a period where it is redefining itself and there is much to be done.  Perhaps I'll muse on the politics of getting things done on this level for a change.  For instance what type of permits are needed to film in the city and county and their costs.

Perhaps most importantly, and one of my tasks, is figuring out how to generate funding to keep it going.  No easy task this day and age.

So there you have it.  A change of direction and pace.  I hope those who have followed me over the years will continue to do so and perhaps I'll pick up some new readers in the process.