Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Pain Of Change

I was so glad to learn Carly Fiorina's people shamed CNN into changing the debate participant rules.  Why is it the Republicans are trying so hard to marginalize her while the Dems cling so desperately to Hillary? The two couldn't be more different in both experience and character!  It seems to me the clamor for a female candidate is focused on the wrong woman.  But then the Dems have long had the women's vote and the stuffy old Republicans just don't get it.  A bit chauvinistic are they?

Have you noticed that much of what Obama is  expostulating on now has only two alternatives? His way or total disaster.  His nuc agreement or war.  His climate change mandates or the world is going to disappear in a horrible, tortuous, painful expulsion from the universe.  Sheesh! What's going to be horrible, tortuous and painful are his last months in office.  That and watching Congress continue to malfunction.

The war on police. Wow.  We have a friend whose son is a beat cop in D.C. He tells his dad that all the cops get insulted, threatened and spit upon no matter their ethnicity.  Nothing like equal opportunity thugs. We need more men like Milwaukee police chief David Clark at the helm of departments across the land.  Men who see it as it is and aren't afraid to say so.  I worry about him though.  I'm sure he's a target.

I'm wondering if politics will get back to "normal" or if we're seeing the beginnings of a "new normal" that is positive for a change.  I don't think Trump will get the nomination but I'm willing to bet it won't be a old school politician, even a young one.  Fortunately people are beginning to have their voices heard and the astute have picked up on it. It just so happens the most flamboyant of them has taken the lead.  I'm still watching Florina, Carson, Cruz and Kasich to be the wild cards that become mainstream before it's all over.

Maybe Bush should let it go.  He strikes me as a man who doesn't have his heart in it but is doing so because he's been pushed and doesn't want to disappoint.  Well, he is disappointing and hardly inspirational.  Warm and cuddly and loving isn't necessarily inspirational. It is, however, a bit cloying.

So here we are.  Back to what this blog used to be all about.  Just musing.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

As The Establishment Squirms

One thing about traveling during the political silly season, you miss little if you miss a day or two of getting fresh news.  Nothing other than politics is covered and so far this season it has been pretty steady.

Hillary is dipping in the polls and Trump continues to dominate the Republicans. Upon catching up two things have caught my interest. Why in the love of country does anyone stick with Hillary? And why don't the Republicans and media get what Trump, Carson and Fiorina are all about?

I can't answer the first.  The second?  I think they are scared to death that one the three will actually get the nomination and politics will never again be the same.  Well, duh.  That's what the people want.  Someone who recognizes we exist and have needs that exceed their hunger for power and the benefits that come with it.

I would like to see a non-politician take on Congress.  If you thought Obama went wild with executive actions, can you imagine what a Trump would do?  And if it's with the consensus of the people rather than against it there will be such a ground swell of support Congress won't know which way to turn. Not that they do as is.

Politics as usual is on the brink and I couldn't be more happy. It's about time some people are stepping forward and saying damn the torpedoes - full speed ahead.  My ideal ticket is in flux but I like the way things are - and are not- progressing.

One question for the Dems and Hillary.  I heard it from a caller on Limbaugh while wiling away hours in the car - if she never sent nor received classified e-mails on her private server how did she get her briefings, intel, etc?  Was it only when she was in her office which was infrequent at best?

Ask it, main stream media.  Ask it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time for My Stats To Plummet Again!

There was a time my stats were really important to me.  Not so much any more.  I've found other things to do with my life.  But I still enjoy blogging and will continue to do so.  Especially throughout the campaigns.

So as I head off for some real down time I'll tell you what I'll be musing about politically.  Will Hillary bow out gracefully before things get much worse?  My guess - no.  She is beyond embarrassment and is the quintessence of victimhood.  It will be that right winged conspiracy that has haunted her since day one.

Will Trump maintain his poll standings?  For now for sure.  Who will gain ground?  I expect things to waffle for the rest of the summer unless someone other than Trump makes a huge gaffe. Will Carly gain?  Slowly I'm betting but probably not enough.  Trump will continue to over shadow her.

Who might be tempted to challenge Hillary other than the faceless field already out there?  Elizabeth Warren?  I don't know.  Someone suggested Mike Bloomberg. He's been a member of every party in the book.  If he gets in hang on to your sodas!

Ah, politics.  It would be funny if it weren't so serious.

To be continued a ways down the road...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trump Playing The Crowd

I was out running errands yesterday and listening to Trump in a press conference then a rally in New Hampshire.  I'm beginning to see why people so like him.  Other than giving kids rides in the Trump chopper.

He's so real and unscripted and he calls people stupid that the crowds also think are stupid.  Let's face it, not one candidate running, with the exception of Fiorina, have a clue how big business works.  Trump is explaining it to his audiences. Corporate big wigs are always playing both sides.  Trump admits he has because that's how the game is played.

Have you heard one other candidate admitting that they solicit campaign funds from those who they know aren't on their side?  And often get it just in case they win?

Trump may excoriate his competition but he sure knows how to play the crowd.  He came across as warm and approachable.  Seriously.  He did.  Not at all like he does with the talking heads - on any network.

One thing to consider before dismissing him as a flash in the pan is that he knows the players who actually run governments.  He's one of them.  Those are the people whose throats will be at his knife point, because they are the ones who dictate to their "leaders".  He can negotiate with them because he has the clout.  As President, boy would he have the clout.

He's not my first choice - yet, but I get the sense that he's beginning to take this quest seriously.  Small differences in his demeanor are becoming apparent.  Even his hair style is changing.  This is one interesting candidate!

Friday, August 14, 2015

FOX, Quit Shilling For Trump

For those of you who watch FOX, are you tired of them shilling for Trump at the expense of the other candidates?

Okay, so he's touched on a hot button, the American voters disgust with professional politicians.  I get that and I've enjoyed watching his bellicose antics.  Isn't it time for him to be relegated to the cheer leading squad? Well, maybe not.  He isn't one to cheer for anyone other than himself.

 But back to FOX.  That Sean Hannity panders to him doesn't surprise me.  Sean is impressed by power, calls himself a disgruntled conservative and appears to have no idea of the intricacies of how the government works.  Just bull on through!

Lou Dobbs, on the other hand, is a man of some intellect and he too can't praise Trump enough. Hey, guys, he's a self-serving clown.  I can not speak for anyone other than myself, but I do not want him as President.  Just because he's successful doesn't make him Presidential material.

I'd at least like our President to have some class. So who does? Every Republican that's running would not be the embarrassment Trump is.  Of course I'm still shilling for Carly because of her business acumen.  Government today is just that.  A business.  Too many of the other candidates do not have that experience nor knowledge.

Still, any one of them would put a better, less belligerent, foot forward than Mr. Trump. One can be tough and passionate about a cause without insulting anyone who differs with you.  Maybe it's the one thing about politics I can tolerate.  Being politic.