Thursday, November 24, 2016

Be Thankful ~ Not angry

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thankful For What?

As we head full steam toward Thanksgiving Day I know I have a lot to be thankful for.  I'm still here for one.  I have my husband , my home, family and friends.  There is always food on the table and warmth in the house.  And this is still the best country in the world. God help us remain so.

But will we? I have never known so many otherwise intelligent, thinking people behaving so poorly than what I'm witnessing these days.  Forget about the bad behavior copy cats and kids who think it's cool, or whatever their rationale may be.

It's bad enough people are requiring safe rooms, therapy dogs and coloring books to cope with election results; even worse is the continuing misrepresentation of quotes by the media and the cruelness, yes cruelness, shown toward our newly elected leaders and their families.

What is wrong with this country?  How have we gotten to this point?  It's apparent if only one can be objective.  One side has decided they know what is best for everyone and choose not to cope with those who disagree.  Rather than having a discussion we get sullen lectures then threat.  We have a President on his farewell tour around the world doing his best to negate his successor's presidency before it even gets started.  People are openly mocking Melania Trump.  What's that all about?  The media is not changing it's spots nor do I expect it will.

What I do know is that I hope Trump continues to pick strong people for his cabinet and once in the White House he has a tremendously successful tenure. As my husband often says, "Don't get mad, get even."  Well, what better way than to have that success.

He then can use the Sinatra song as his theme, "I did it my way".  After all, it's what the people wanted.  Something different from what we've been living with for decades.  Mr. Trump is by no means the most polished of "outsiders".  Never-the-less he is the President elect.  It's time we started treating him with the respect due the office if not the man.

We can disagree.  We can also bite our tongues, suck it up and regain some civility.  If you think other countries are unfair in their view of Obama as being weak, what do you think they think of the way so many anti-Trump people are behaving post election?

Coloring books and therapy dogs?  They have nothing to fear from that. What do we have to fear?  Their attitudes and what those attitudes might lead to. We've already seen plenty of it.

Mr. Trump, to you, your family and those you choose to help you govern, God speed and happy Thanksgiving. There are many millions who wish you the same.  We just don't get the press.

Monday, November 14, 2016

We DO Have Choices

I've been politiced out for some time as you may have noted from my lack of posts.  I took a total break a week before the election, voted my absentee ballot and headed for the New Mexican mountains to search for petroglyphs. All good things, however, come to an end.

I was not keen on Trump nor Hillary but of course one would win.  A rich buffoon or a grifter. We got the rich buffoon. I must admit he has been behaving himself since his win but I'm not holding my breath to see if it lasts.  He's already back on Twitter.

What's of more concern to me now is the senseless violence and protests going on because he won.  This puts a terrible face on the Democrats - they who have as much dissent in their party at this point as the Republicans have had since Obama first took office.

Why are we not hearing it soundly condemned by Democratic leadership?  Instead they are leading by example by doubling down on their vow to destroy the Trump presidency before he even gets started.  Why else would Pelosi et al be in conference with George Soros, the funding source for much of the chaos?

It seems to me the country is in even worse shape than I realized.  This behavior - protests that are really riots, states threatening to secede, sanctuary cities defying the law already digging in - this isn't the America I knew even a few short years ago.  This is a country on the brink of disaster.

I wasn't happy when Obama won his second term but neither I nor anyone who felt the same openly defied his re-election.  In some respects that re-election was even worse than Trump being an unknown entity.  We knew what Obama was, what he would do or more what he would not do.  Still no one took to the streets.

Frankly I'm sick and tired of universities providing "safe" areas for offended students and forbidding the use of certain words because they are offensive even to the point of forbidding certain Halloween costumes for the same reasons.  Enough!  I'm sick of students rioting in the streets.  Funded by who?  Their Parents?  Or the likes of Soros.  It doesn't matter.  I'm willing to wager they don't even understand why they're doing what they are.  I'm betting many of them don't even know who Trump is other than a name they were told to protest.

Since Trump will be our President I'm wishing him the best.  It isn't going to be easy guiding a country in the state ours is in.  We as Americans owe him support over those who would promote anarchy.  It's time to put away the pacifier and diapers and grow up.

To do anything else, frankly, would be "deplorable".

Monday, October 31, 2016

Which Is More Scary?

This election cycle is beyond belief.  We have probably the two worst candidates we have ever chosen seemingly intent to self-destruct yet expect us to happily support them in the voting booth.

So really, which is more scary?




Wow.  What a question.  When the mask is removed you find nothing has been hidden!  A week from tomorrow one of these people is going to be our President-elect.  The mind trembles. 

I've long thought Hillary Clinton does not deserve to be President of this country.  Her behavior, her attitudes, her demeanor when off camera show her to be as rude and crude as, indeed, Mr. Trump.  She does surpass him in endangering the nation and getting away with breaking laws for which  many have been jailed for less egregious heights.

Then there is Mr. Trump.  If you listen to him you realize everything he says that makes sense is someone else's words.  His grasp of reality is about like mine. Strong on generalities but weak on details.  At least he hasn't yet been so cavalier with top secret data so as to endanger us.  I worry though given enough time...  Who knows.  

As the last week before election day I'll be anxiously awaiting each Wiki Leaks drop and hints from the FBI as to what they've found in the 165,000 e-mails on Anthony Wiener's computer.

This is all surreal.  Who could possible have written 165, 000 e-mails?

Whatever shakes out, we're in for a rockin' and rollin' four years.  Neither candidate will have a strong Congress behind them.  The two parties will be broken, maybe beyond repair.  I doubt either will be as we of a certain age remember them as we grew up. 

We've interesting times ahead.  We've huge problems to address.  I can't help but wonder if either candidate is up to the task even if it were the best of times for them. 

I do know we can't take another four years like the previous eight where the President has done little more than blithely pass the time. War will intervene.  Terrorism will intervene.  Medical expenses will continue to skyrocket for fewer and fewer services and so on.  It doesn't make for an optimistic outlook.

I wonder if a sugar high from all of tonight's candy will make it easier to bear. Nah.  Not a ghost of a chance.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump or Hillary - Grim

"It's no longer what sort of man is Trump but what sort of people are we?"  I read words to that effect on a blog recently. It's a question worth asking but I'd include Hillary in the equation.

To feel the same you probably need to be following the Wikileaks and the tawdry exhortations with equal zeal.

Both candidates are equally repulsive to me though for different reasons. It isn't the tape of Trump's vulgarities alone that make me cringe; it's his constant belittling of any and all who oppose him.  He promises to hit back harder and does. Nasty, mean spirited and vulgar. Can we afford a President who cannot take criticism without insulting he or she who uttered it?

 Can we afford a President who listens to no one because he won the nomination by battering the other candidates on his way to the top and now thinks he knows it all? And I mean battered with comments especially hurtful about McCain and Fiorina and, to lesser degrees, Bush, Carson and eventually all the rest.

Then there's Hillary.  The Wikileaks release of e-mails that circulated among her campaign staff are chilling in their  contempt for the people of this country regardless of their status. To her its all about power and money.  How much money do she and Bill need?  They'll never live long enough to spend it all unless they buy themselves a country.  Maybe that's exactly what they want to do.  The problem is it's OUR country for which they lust.

Never-the-less, one of my greatest fears will come to be.  One of them will be elected.  At the moment I'd be putting my money on Hillary but that can change in a nano second.

I fear too if Hillary has both House and Senate behind her; it will make achieving her goals easy.  Even though divided it's possible the Republicans can thwart at least a few of her grand ideas. If Trump should win I see him running roughshod over everybody.

That brings about another fear.  The rampant use of executive orders by either side.  Obama has set a bad precedent.  Don't expect Hillary or Trump to not take advantage of the door opened for them.

Every evening I sigh "I don't know..." so often Hub is calling me on it.  But I don't know. We'll have one of them.  What kind of people does that make us indeed!