Saturday, October 08, 2005

Warning! Blogging Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Blogging can be dangerous to your health! Two of our most prolific bloggers and our blogmeister have already or are showing signs of burnout. Should this be such a serious undertaking that one loses ones self to it?

I've only played around the edges since July. I'm not computer savvy enough to have linked up beyond Huckleberries. It has been a great plenty for me, and gratifying, yet I already find myself walking away from it two or three days at a time because I find myself too angry or too incredulous or sometimes too bold. I think mucking about on my computer should be fun, not an emotional drain.

I've noted the danger signs. I started out just looking for answers regarding my own shortcomings in dealing with a community I have difficulty connecting with. In the process I've allowed a side of myself to crawl out of the Pandora's box that I used to keep under maximum security. The anonymity of the computer makes it easy. No one knows who I am or what I think when I walk the dog or shop or whatever. Makes it easy to overdo. It can be heady. It can be addicting.

The wonderful side of all this is the sense of community. It's family in a strangely personal sense. Look at the out pouring of good will for the bloggers mentioned above from fellow bloggers who agree, disagree or just care.

The downside is what it can do to you. Just multiply our little corner of the blogging world by the millions out "there" who partake. The burnout rate must be horrendous. Cyberspace may be the last great frontier; I hope it doesn't bring with it it's own plague.

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Word Tosser said...

I think they say that the average life of a blog is one year....
Some crash earlier...some later...

I feel one should do it as long as it is fun. When it ceases to be fun, do it once or twice a week... if it still isn't is time to get out.