Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Flowering Of A City

As I read Mike Patrick's preview of Mr. Hagadon't next ploy I found myself wondering why a garden seems to be the best way to honor his parents when this city has so many other needs. Especially with the amount he is willing to pour into it.

I would like not to see streets closed but minds opened. Might his money be better spent in funding the library? Would his parents - founders of the newspaper for gosh sake - be more honored by such an action? Heck, for that I wouldn't even mind if they named it after him and he gardened around it to his heart's content. Wouldn't budding curiosity turning into flowering intellect be a world class contribution to the community?

We should be aware Buchart Gardens, to which Hagadone's aspiration has been compared, sits on a 130 acre estate built on a defunct limestone quarry. If he has to say it with flowers there are more than enough rock quarry's around here he could utilize, clean up an eyesore and at the same time preserve the traffic structure and character of our (not his) downtown.

But then as most of what his own paper writes about him he comes across to me as the ball owning kid who takes it away when the other kids don't want to play by his rules. Whining all the way.

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