Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Pause That Refreshed

I wasn't along for this but I think a checkout clerk at Albertson's deserves kudos for great customer relations. My errand runner, not known for his patience in grocery stores, found himself behind the dreaded "little old lady" in the check out line. Her total came to five dollars and seventy two cents. Out came the five dollars. "Your total is five dollars and seventy two cents," the checker nudged politely. With much ado the seventy cents was found. "Seventy two cents." More searching. One penny. Then very gently the checker reached across the counter and let her fingers join in the search. "Ah, that's where it was hiding," she smiled, producing the final penny.

How wonderfully deft.

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Anonymous said...

Jeanne: Your aunt's blog is very interesting. She is obviously still a conservative as I (not Bush) define that term. That is, she has identified those in governement who have acted irresponsibly. One can be both conservative and liberal, the former proscribing any action without careful consideration and study and the latter being always open to new ideas and tolerant of those who disagree. Please tell you aunt that in my book she fits this description. I hope that she receives this as high praise. Lamar
P.S. If you get a chance to read my book and want to pass it on to Auntie Blog, i would be most interested in her take on it.

R. Lamar Kilgore
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