Monday, April 24, 2006

The High and Low of It

Commentary in Sunday's Coeur d'Alene Press and Spokesman Review caught my attention because they paralleled my last posting. They addressed the preservation of views and the building restrictions needed (or not) for their respective towns. My last posting addressed the issue that's raging in Coeur d'Alene fomented by disgruntled developers. The Sunday editorial spoke of the condescending manner of the consultant hired to help determine what building restrictions would be appropriate - along with a mayoral appointed citizens committee. The consultant was accused of being out of step with our community's needs and wants. This reads, to me, what Hegadone and like minded developers want - not the community as a whole.

The guest opinion piece in the Spokesman is by Allison Stacy Cowles, long a civic leader of the community and mother of the paper's publisher. She pleads for the use of good sense in the type and placement of new structures so the vistas of the sweeping countryside surrounding the city are not completely obliterated.

It is interesting to me that of the two, Coeur' d'Alene is by far the more scenic. Yet it is here that local interests are more concerned with green backs than green hills. Mrs. Cowles, on the other hand has gotten outside of herself and her community and points to areas where restrictions have been put in place with great success.

For those of you who do venture out of the area, start taking a good look around you and bring home ideas that appeal to you. Let the officials know. They apparently don't take note of much when they travel or they wouldn't be looking at the San Diego model of the Kroc Center for parallels as to how it would work here! Shed the blinders before the knot tied by the developers is so tight it can't be undone.

It's spring. A great time to get outside. Go take a good look at the lake - while you can still see it.


Bay Views said...

Well Written, and a big well done, Mari...

Mike said...


Thanks for calling my attention to the Spokesman piece (I had read the Press editorial already). You have a nicely written piece, and I can assure you there are many who share your concern about protecting views and vistas. Right now there are no limits on building height and bulk in downtown Coeur d'Alene. Preserving the character of Coeur d'Alene requires that we take some steps to manage the growth of downtown - that's what is being discussed now. My eyes and ears are open, please keep in touch and please consider coming to Planning Commission and City Council meetings to express your opinions. It REALLY does make a difference.

Mike Kennedy