Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aesthetics Of Greed

"I DUNNO", just when the Coeur d'Alene planning commission and city council do something right to protect what's left of the aesthetics of this small town by the lake the developers raise their Medusa heads to muck things up. It's bad enough they're buying up downtown properties and raising rents to the point they drive out businesses that really lend flavor to the town like the Penny Candy Store. For what? Another bar. Did downtown really need another bar?

First you had a sleepy little town by the lake. Then Mr. Hagadone brought his empire to town and began the diminution of lake views. Now the community of developers want to get in on the act. Coeur d'Alene can't expand at ground level but it can go up. Note the high rise creep in the second photograph.

John Beutler of Century 21 wants to add another at the corner of First Street and Lakeside Avenue and threatens to halt development if he doesn't get his way. Does everyone in this town take lessons from Mr. Hagadone? He comments that high rises won't overtake the lakescape because the building of them would be driven by demand.
Does he have lease agreements for everything he proposes or does he just want to get his in lieu of everyone else? Then there is the Fernan Tower proposed for the other end of town not to mention those proposed or under construction in between.

So much for the sleepy little resort town by the lake. We've got jet skis and Cigarettes and no home for the lake patrol boats. Why don't we just rename the street Lakeshore Drive and the town Chicago West?

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stebbijo said...

We are doomed -- we are going to the dogs. (pun intended -- in a nice way!) You need to sic Bacchus on them!