Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Last Time I Saw Paris

I know the Catholic Church has been trying to do some damage control and image repair and has a tendency to live with its head in the sand but this is ludicrous! People Magazine reports Paris Hilton is being considered to play Mother Teresa in a biographical film to be made in India. A later interview on CNN with Ms. Hilton indicated she knew nothing of this project. I'm not sure from the lack of expression on her face she even knew who Mother Teresa was. Oh, yeah, they did put up a photo and she didn't think they looked at all alike. Besides, she'd never consider it because she's in to her comedy.

The story began with Indian director T. Rajeernath claiming to see a close resemblance between the "known for her work with the poor in Calcutta" Mother Teresa and the "known for her name and money" Hilton. Maybe, without my glasses and an absolute ignorance of famous faces, I could see Hilton attempting to play Princess Diana (the one on the right).

I would consider that perhaps Mr. Rajeernath might himself have diminished vision just from trying to read the name of the city from which he hails - Thiruvananthapuram. But then production isn't due to begin until 2007. You never know. Ms. Hilton could change her mind. With the life she leads perhaps she will "mature" sufficiently to pull it off. She might even learn how to act - in any number of ways. In all seriousness, Mother Teresa, well on her way to Sainthood, deserves better than this.

Even MY Saint does.

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Mel said...

Are you sure it wasn't just a joke? I mean, there have been much more serious-looking things posted on the internet that have turned out to be :S

Paris Hilton is too useless to do anything besides spend money, anyway.