Thursday, April 06, 2006

Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Arrrrgh!

Can you imagine being out on the lake on a beautiful summer day, paddling along in your kayak when...


or even worse - this comes barreling down on you? And don't forget the small boats of the fishermen, canoes and sailboats - all easily swamped or capsized.

Can you imagine a lake resort community that can't find a home for two boathouses and lake patrol boats because they would disturb the views and vistas?

Can you imagine the owner of the majority of the marinas, boating facilities and the major resort of the area not providing a home for those boats to protect the safety not only of his community but of the guests of his resort?

Can you imagine living in a community where the politicians haven't made a home for these boats mandatory before additional boating facilities or lake front development could be approved?

I can.

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stebbijo said...

Hit 'em with email Mari! Who do you want me to get! :-)

Word Tosser said...

Will Haggie have his own boat patrol? Because I want to see all those Richie, when they have a complaint .... yell because it took the Kootenai famous county mounties too long to get there.. because they had to launch to boat at the local boat launch after they bring the boat down from the sheriff's office.