Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sticks and Stones...

Remember the little diddy from when you were a kid? "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"? If you don't you apparently are not alone! It would seem the entire "adult" population of the world has forgotten it. Why this hatred? It wears me out! Now President Bush has been called the devil. He's done his share of name calling too. And the Pope. Sheesh! What is wrong with us!

Preceding all this, I must say, I had a great couple of days. Monday I couched out in preparation for a test scheduled for very early Tuesday. After arriving home I spent the remainder of the day snoozing off the effects of the anesthesia. What bliss. It was that "amnesia" drug where you wake up not remembering a thing. I wish I could take a dose every night and wake up not remembering anything of the preceding day's news!

The name calling is bad enough. The reaction is worse. The distortion is the worst of all. And that is what scares me. In this country we call it "spin". To others it's lies. Whatever. I listen to the President's onslaught against any and everyone who does not buy into the latest version of his "war on terror" and why we should forego everything this country has ever stood for. The up-tick in the polls disturbs me. I cannot believe the American public is buying into this one more time. If we are so polarized or so apathetic or so uninformed that we allow this administration a pass one more time, I truly fear the America in which my generation grew up will be lost.

Remember the phrase "through a glass (mirror) darkly"? According to The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy it means to have an obscure or imperfect vision of reality. It is a universal malady these days. It's not just the Muslims bellowing how they are so self righteous in calling the rest of the world names but don't we DARE call them names. It's here at home too. Right under our noses. With our current administration screaming we are confused, or worse, unpatriotic.

You know, I was going to ask for the new Extreme Elmo for Christmas. Being a kid at heart, I love his cheery face and infectious laugh. I'm wondering though, if by Christmas, all that will be laughing is a mechanical toy.

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tumblewords said...

"I'm wondering though, if by Christmas, all that will be laughing is a mechanical toy." Ouch - this could happen.