Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Gathering

Every few months fellow blogger Herb Huseland invites we locals to join him at the Captain's Wheel in Bayview to get acquainted, chat and swap philosophies.

Saturday was another of those gatherings and along with the usual suspects, we had a few new faces. Commenter Spencer came as did Sam the (former) Intern and his charming new wife Kat. Also a newcomer to INWBA, the multi talented and unbelievably interesting Sue Turner. Check out her website and you will find links to her blogs.

The usual suspects were myself, host Herb, Bayviews , Bill McCrory, Whitecaps , Joanne, Stebbijo , and Bob Stebbins, the talent and brains behind INWBA . The conversation was lively and informative. I especially enjoyed talking with Sam. The perspective of our up and coming young professionals is always of interest to me. It is encouraging to learn we are not so very far apart in how we think. Maybe it's because we're both Jon Stewart fans!

I come away from these gatherings with a renewed sense of the value of bloggers. I have yet to meet one who is not interesting and well informed. Getting to meet personally seems to strengthen the bond we have with one another on line. No matter that throngs don't come; its the substance that's important. If every time we do this one or two new faces appear the circle as well as the influence will widen.

In glancing through the day's posts I find we all feel pretty much the same about this little group of ours. You all might think about joining us!

Thanks Herb, for the opportunity to well spend an afternoon once again.

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gawilli said...

This looks great. Wonder if there is a group like this where I live. Hmmm - must investigate!