Friday, February 16, 2007

That Lucky Old Sun...

So he finally reared his cheery head! It has been a dreary time in these parts. Apologies to my friends in the east - how well I remember those lake effect snows and I expect Punxsutawney Phil has run for deep cover!

But here. Ah, yes. As Bacchus and I took a real walk this morning we knew spring was flirting with us. That ole sun that's been rolling around heaven under cover for weeks actually showed his face. Robins were out en masse looking for the early worm and my favorite neighborhood goats, who've grown nearly as tall as Bacchus this winter, came racing to the fence bleating a cheery "Good morning!"

Man, it felt good! It made the fact that I've been nursing a Saint Bernard with a head cold in the dead of winter actually funny.

Have a great week end.


Word Tosser said...

yep, our minds are on the same line

Phil said...

Mari, it was great to meet you today at the Blogfest. I think I enjoyed talking with you, Cis, and Stebbijo more than anyone.

When I got home, the kids said, "Let's have pizza for dinner!" Ugh.