Saturday, February 17, 2007

When The "A List " Throws The Party!

When the "A List" of local bloggers throws a party people attend! I really doubt the free food and beverage had a lot to do with it.

Most of you out-of-area readers should be aware of our local blogging community from many of my previous posts. Dave Oliveria, an Associate Editor with the Spokesman Review, has been described as our Pied Piper. His blog, Huckleberries, is our gathering place. We are not, however, mindless rodents dancing to his tune. Anything but. We are as individual as the day is long!

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of his blog. With Editor Steve Smith's blessing he threw us a thank you party. It was really something. You could talk politics with county workers or city council members. You could talk journalism with Spokesman editor Steve Smith, Sam, the former intern, who along with his wife came all the way from Bellingham, WA, Chronic Discontent from Tennessee or various SR reporters who have their own personal blogs.

You could talk photography, walking sticks, or development or the merits of home schooling. Art or poetry or political cartooning. You could talk with cyber friends face to face. You could make new ones. Wow.

The portion of Huckleberries commenters worried about being "outed" for fear of repercussions at their places of work either did not attend or did not make a fuss. After yesterday, I wonder where in fact they do work! Every aspect of the community was represented and no one that I witnessed seemed to be especially nervous about being there or being photographed.

All in all it was a gathering of congenial, pretty ordinary looking folks who are extraordinarily interesting. I think a comment by Dave said it best. What is so special about what he and we are doing is that we give a broad based look into the inner workings of the area that cannot be be found anywhere else.

To those who participate, I think that is high praise indeed. It has been quite a ride. Huckleberries is a gift that keeps on giving. We never know what's next. And that is part of the fun. Great party, Mr. O. And thanks.


raymond pert said...

Thanks for the great pictures. I really like the one of Dave and think it would be even better than the one on the HBO page! Your description of the party gives me a warm sense of what a fine gathering this was and I'm enjoying cruising around to different blogs and seeing who's posted pictures and composed accounts of the goings on. I hope you'll post more pictures. I'm very grateful for what you have here now.

Phil said...

I thought people would be worried about having their picture taken, so I left my camera at home. But I'm glad you took some great photos.

You didn't happen to take one of me and Dave, did you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dogwalk, now I know how you dealt with the pix of Dave and Bent ;)This is Bent, and I had great time...It was nice meeting you. I hope we can do more of this!

InlandEmpireGirl said...

I just joined this blog group and I hope this gathering happens again next year so I can attend. I loved reading about this celebration from your point of view.
inlandempiregirl/sister to raymond pert