Monday, February 19, 2007

A Final Reflection

Huckleberries 3rd anniversary bash is now a done deal. Time to move on to other topics such as why I can't get a complete read of Huckleberries on Safari.

Before I tuck the festivities away in my memory banks I have a couple of final thoughts. Those who attended had the opportunity to gaze into the great bloggers' mirror on the wall. What we saw was pretty much what was looking in. In other words, "What you see is what you get".

I've long thought this true of bloggers. We seem to be inordinately honest and open in a world which would indicate more caution would be prudent. That as many came to the blog fest as did gives credence to that openness. There is a bonus too. I got to thinking about it as I reflected on those I met. I'll have a new perspective on what they write and how they comment. Just knowing a little more about them, seeing a grin or a twinkle in the eye, the inflection in a voice can change mean spirited to a little poke in the ribs. Vice versus too, to be sure. It would be prudent too, to remember the value of the real person; not just the impression gained via keyboard and monitor.

I love the realization of facts often obscured by "life" and all that goes with it. Take all we have to offer collectively through our blogging, add the real, live human element and you have a force to be reckoned with.

That's power.

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brentandrews said...

I think this will change the tone of the blog and already has, somewhat. For one thing, I'll never forget how nervous I was to see a couple of people I have insulted pretty badly over the past few weeks on HBO. I'm not that kind of person in person - I try to be a gentleman - but as soon as I start commenting online on the news I want to rip someone to shreds. I don't know what that's about. I'm trying to work on myself a little bit and make myself a little less offensive, so I won't have to be so nervous next time.

Anyway, it was a great time and I was glad to see you there. Anyone who loves dogs is a friend of mine.