Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Die Hard

This version features John McCain rather than John McClane. Presidential Candidate McCain lost four more of his key campaign workers today. Money is in short supply. His message, especially on the war in Iraq, is not resonating.

What is it that allows one to stay too long at the dance? We see it over and over again with politicians, actors and athletes. In Senator McCain's case I truly believe his time is past. He would be 72 years old when elected. He looks every year of it now. He claims to still be able to hike the Grand Canyon. I wouldn't even contemplate it and he has a few years on me. However, I'd like the next President to be able to sprint it - more than once! Senator McCain, as so many others, seems to follow the politics of expediency. Especially in the wooing of the Religious Right. All to grab the brass ring of the Presidency.

I admire John McCain for the man he has been. He has sacrificed enormously for his country. His stature as a maverick, in many ways, has served the country and his party well. At one time he had the courage of his convictions. I'm not sure that is still the case. It's that demon "politics of expediency" that I mention. If it were reasonable compromise I'd have more tolerance for it. When it is merely to woo a voter, regardless of principle, you lose my support.

I would prefer to see Senator McCain bow out of the Presidential campaign with dignity and grace. I fear he will be like Bruce Willis once more playing John McClane, a role for which he is no longer suited.


Big O said...

I supported him in 2000 and wrote his name in in '04 when faced withe the two choices available. But when he came out and supported Shrub with the "surge" he lost my support. Then the immigration bill. I respect and admire his service to our Country, but like you, I think it is time for him to look at other things.

What is sad though is the "pickin's are sure slim".

Betty said...

They never seem to know when to quit. Sad, really.