Friday, July 06, 2007

Messianic Complex - An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore is a man who would be what? President? No, he says, yet the pundits swear if Clinton or Obama falter he may well change his mind. That tells me he doesn't want to take the chance of losing again but if needed he'd of course fill the gap. The descriptive word, I believe, is "coy".

This concerns me. I've been reading about the Live Earth events being planned to draw attention to the dangers of global warming. The proceeds are to go to a non profit of which Mr. Gore is chair. The intent is to have the people of the world rise up as one to influence "a new political reality". Whoa!

Rise up as one? With the peoples of impoverished nations struggling for mere survival and a good chunk of the rest of the world intent on annilhating one another I don't see a much of a unified rising remotely possible.

The elements of the scientific community that actually study global warming, its causes and effects, not merely have an opinion, seem to still be out on the extent of the danger and how much of it is man made versus an evolution of circumstances. I'm not going to argue either way. I bear this in mind, though, when inundated with hype.

What concerns me is we have may have another man with a Messianic vision aspiring to the Presidency. With Bush it is the spreading of U.S. style Democracy around the world whether or not appropriate, doable or even wanted. We know where we are with that one. With Gore it would be global warming.

Will anything really be accomplished other than millions being spent on a multitude of extravaganzas that might be put to better use elsewhere. And a lot of hot air expended to boot. Isn't that what they're supposedly trying to quell??

First he claimed to have invented the internet. Then he had a daily identity crisis when he was running for President. Now he's championing an area of extreme complexity. I'm not convinced he's as all knowing as he'd like us to believe.

The truth is, as inconvenient as it may be, the guy scares me.


Anonymous said...

He has always scared me. Perhaps Mr. Gore should be spending more time with his son and less time self aggrandizing.

Betty said...

Will you permit one small correction? He never claimed to invent the internet - just that he helped in its development. I don't really think he is planning to jump into the race for President. If he does, it would be a mistake, I think. Besides, I think Hillary has a lock on it, anyway. Just my humble opinion. But, when people like journalist John Brummett, in Arkansas, start feeling warm and fuzzy toward her, as he has, she must be doing something right.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Betty, thanks; I stand corrected. I would like to hear more from you on John Brummett and his "warm and fuzzy" thoughts regarding Hillary!

This is what I love about blogging - having access to what people around the country are thinking!

And standing corrected! lol

Anonymous said...

Hillary has a lock???? My worst nightmare would be Hillary as president. Say it isn't so!!

Betty said...

Brummett has always disliked Hillary. He thinks she is too distant and not very likeable. He was pretty critical of her when she was Arkansas' first lady. As to her having a lock on the election, it's really too early to say, of course. Anything can happen between now and election time. So don't worry too much, Wondering. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you Betty! I'm way too old for all of this. ; - She is not very but not to be trusted. An ego larger than her husbands and interested in nothing save herself. They both say and do whatever serves their ends. A small redeeming point for Al and Tipper Gore, they both loathe Hillary.

Ted said...

He may not have invented the net but where would the net be without all of his improvements??? And how about him being the inspiration for "Love Story?" He is a spooky guy! He has invented a public personality that is robotic, smug, and condescending. Not much fun on a fishing trip or a cookout! It's too bad because we must trust the person with new ideas who wants to lead us and, to me, he smacks of a basic insincerity.