Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blurred Vision

C-span and 24/7 news channels are two of the worst things that have ever happened to politics. It has long been lamented that news and entertainment have been blurred. "Personalities" as news anchors. The same has happened with our politicians.

Put a camera in the vicinity of any number of them and they are drawn like bees to honey. Take any Congressional hearing as an example. They are all so busy pontificating for the cameras little gets done.

With this comes, as with many "personalities", inflated egos and a total disregard for anyone other than self. Embarrassment and shame are no longer in their vocabularies.

My previous diatribe on his total lack of judgement aside, I wonder that Craig has no shame. He has humiliated his wife, his children and himself. He has made a mockery of his political party and his state. Yet he does not have the good grace to retire with some degree of dignity. Ego.

It isn't just Larry Craig. It's the David Vitters, Rudy Giulianis, Ted Stevens, William Jeffersons and yes, Ted Kennedy from decades ago and Bill Clinton for their "in your face" behavior with full expectation of a pass. Far too often they get one.

Celebrities have gotten away with it for years. Politicians as celebrity now seem to have joined the ranks of the immune.

Well, I'm not immune to it; I'm sick of it. Also, with a new lens in my eye my vision is no longer blurred. I can only hope the same is true for the rest of Idaho voters if this man chooses to further embarrass us by seeking re-election. If not, shame and embarrassment will be front and center in my vocabulary.

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Idaho Escapee said...

Mari...remember when you said I referred to actresses and news anchors as being totally interchangeable? You have done the same with politicians and stars. They're both a phony, falsely-elevated, pretentious, rule-bending element of our society. And, Fred Thompson, a politician, is an actor, and Ronald Reagan, an actor, became Prezzident. So there ya go!