Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Blogosphere On A Personal Level

I don't think I will ever get used to the idea that people other than my immediate circle of friends actually read my blog.

The door beyond local readership was first opened to me when Dave Oliveria gave my name to an AP reporter looking for seniors who blog. It would seem, even after a couple of years, positive fallout continues. I've written before about magazine articles, people contacting me and becoming friends; even a gal from Great Britain who wanted to use pictures of the Newfoundland dogs that were the pawns in my Lewis and Clark chess set for a book she was doing for Newfie enthusiasts.

Last week I received an e-mail from a publisher in Boston asking if I would do a book review. The author, Lillian Rubin , is a multi-talented PHD living in San Francisco. A sociologist and psychotherapist who has written eleven books covering various stages of life is debuting her latest, 60 and Up: The Truth About Aging in America.

Well, that's me! I'm intrigued. Mostly I live with my head in the sand about such things. Content to deal with my aging body in my own way. I think a broader picture will be interesting so I've accepted the challenge. Stay tuned.

Curious, I asked how they found me and why I was selected. The response leads back to the original Oliveria door opening. They read the resulting article in USA Today and found me on the blog roll of Ronni Barrett's blog Time Goes By . Ms. Barrett is a former talk show and television producer for shows including 20/20 and the Barbara Walter's Specials. Pretty heady for this ole northern Idaho blogger!

I looked at Barrett's blogroll and it is huge. Why me? I write opinion and social commentary. Because, I was told, they thought I might have more readership than others and decided to give it a go.

Me too.

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