Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Which Larry Will We See Tonight?

"I am not gay; I have never been gay." Okay, that makes it easier on your wife and kids.

"And the people of Idaho deserve a senator who can devote 100 percent of his time and effort to the critical issues of our state and of our nation." That should be a comfort to we citizens. What happened to that thought?

I understand Larry Craig wanting to clear his name if in fact he did nothing wrong. I do not want him as one of my Senators while he is trying to do so.

The recorded police interview that we have been subjected to ad nasuem is not the sum total of the evidence. The written report is far more detailed - and damning.

What is most troublesome, however, was the information revealed by Jeffrey Toobin, the CNN legal guru, on Anderson Cooper last evening. The incident occurred on June 6. The plea was a form to be signed and mailed in. It was. Dated August 1. That's six weeks in which Craig could have consulted all the legal consul necessary. Attorney client privilege would have kept it quiet.

He chose not to. I do not care about the reason. I do care about his ability to reason and vote for the best interests of the citizens of Idaho. The shadow has been cast. It will not go away. Many of his colleagues will bear a grudge for his latest actions. Should he remain in the Senate he will be marginalized. That is not in our best interest.

You signed a form stating your guilt. Why is anyone's guess. Reverse it if you can. But honor your intent to resign. If you do not it will be my dollar that's paying your salary and my dollar thats picking up your perks and benefits while you play "I'll show them!"

I resent that.

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