Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vintage Jewelry

There has been much said about the wearing of American flag lapel pins lately. Candidate Obama no longer wears one. His stated feeling is too many who do are not truly patriotic.

I think it's somewhat like going to church on Sunday does not necessarily mean you're a good practitioner of your faith. The mental picture that comes to mind is of Mafia types out murdering and maiming all week yet never missing Sunday mass!

I got to thinking about the mia/pow bracelets we wore during the Vietnam war. Hub still has one he wore for his law school roommate, a Navy fighter pilot shot down and presumed dead.

There are bracelets for virtually everything these days. As with ribbons, they are a reminder of causes. Most are serious, others less so like Steven Colbert's wrist strong offering.

Today I've seen one I had not seen before though surely it cannot be new. John McCain is wearing a black one in honor of Cpl. Matthew Stanley who was killed in Iraq last year. It was given to him by Cpl. Stanley's mother during an exchange in which he promised her he would do everything in his power to make sure her son's death was not in vain.

I'm wondering if it could be taken a step further. A choice, if you will. Black for those who have perished. Another color for those who have been wounded and yet another for those still serving. Or a combination of all three. Oh my, there are so many names to choose from. I have one of my own.

Perhaps the proceeds could go to the Fisher House project since so many who do come back have injuries. Or any other worthy cause.

If such a project is in existence I'd like to know about it. If not...anybody?


Rob said...


Good idea about bracelets sales going to Fisher House.

We have been raising funds selling POW-Styled Memorial Bracelets at www.memorialbracelets.com and Vietnam POW Bracelets at www.powbracelets.com. One of the causes we support is the Fisher House Foundation.

Typically Black bracelets have been for KIAs and Red for POWs. It is interesting that John McCain is wearing one of our bracelets since he is on the Vietnam POW list as a POW returnee.


Life on the Edge said...

I remember my mom wearing one of these bracelets when I was a little girl in the early 70's. I think she still has it somewhere.

Dogwalkmusings said...


Thanks for the info!