Saturday, November 24, 2007

A New Take On "Dog" Sitting!

In the spirit of a kinder, more gentle season I move from politics to helping neighbors!

We got an SOS about a week ago. The neighbors had plans for Thanksgiving over in western Washington and couldn't find anyone to look after their critters. Would I consider...

I raised an eyebrow in Hub's direction and got a resounding, "Sure!" This was astounding unto itself; Mr. Unsociable. But then this was for the critters. How could you resist?

Six Alpacas, three goats and a passel of dogs. The walk through was fine. Everything had been simplified so that even I could handle it.

The biggest worry was the dogs since we were unknown to them except for the morning greetings when Bacchus and I pass. Well, ears, briskets and tummies were offered with such enthusiasm, that worry dissolved in about 32 seconds.

Next, get the goats in for the night. I followed Hub and found their cookie jar, gave it a shake and threw a few into their enclosure. As instructed. In they trotted, straight to the cookies, as Hub latched the outer door. Smooth as clock work.

Night two. The goats, that are supposed to be minis but are really more the size of sheep, were waiting. As soon as they spotted us they started wagging their tails. Now maybe this is something they do but I found it so "dog" like it was laughable.

I stayed with the dogs while Hub opened the barn door and went in. "Where the heck are the sheep?? Goats!"

"Try the cookie jar!" Yep, there they were in the corner, their patience waning.

The Alpacas tiptoed to the open door to see what the fuss was about as my goat herder got things in hand then went on about their business - whatever that might have been. Dinner probably. The dogs are fine.

Tonight's another night...

Hey, not bad for a city girl! I might get the hang of this country living yet!

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