Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Confusion" Says...

Or subtitled,"The more things change the more they stay the same".

It used to be the Christmas decorations were stashed, New Year's hangovers were long gone and even Valentine's Day provided no political divide - until this coming year. January 3 to be exact!

- Item: Disenfranchised voters * The Victims: College students * The Perpetrator: The Iowa Democrat and Republican parties * Why: The need to be "first", paving the way to the nomination by a state whose populace represents a mere fraction of the needs of the country as a whole.

- Item: The Gender Card * The Victims: Anyone foolish enough to fall for it * The Perpetrator: The Clinton Campaign * Why: Without policies nor any substantial experience and a woman to boot, when things get tough pull out a charismatic husband to defend your femininity. Where's Margaret Thatcher when you need her? Oh, yes, in retirement after having served her country well without hiding behind anyone's pant legs!

- Item: Experience versus Idealism Card * The Victims: Anyone foolish enough to fall for it * The Perpetrator: The Clinton Campaign * Why: When you have neither experience nor idealism of your own attack you opponents for what they do have. No time for "on the job training"? No one goes into the Presidency all knowing. I would rather a person be elected knowing that than assuming they are as "experienced" as they need to be.

- Item: The Race Card * The Victims: All of us * The Perpetrator: The Black Community within themselves * Why: The Cinderella Syndrome and the Squeaky Wheel Syndrome combined. In all the years fighting for a degree of equality, rather than being proud and supportive of those of their own race who have achieved levels of excellence beyond many of any race, they want to hold them to the very agendas that have held them back.

Let me put it this way. If only Obama and Clinton were running, both women, both white and all else being the same, I would vote for Obama in a heartbeat. Why? He is fresh, bright, well educated and as politicians go, relatively unprogrammed. He is young and energetic. He is cognizant of the human condition at my level.

Will he make mistakes? Of course. They all have. Some are just more savvy at extricating themselves from hot spots than others.

William Jefferson Clinton brought shame and disgrace to the Office of the Presidency. George W. Bush has brought ineptitude to new heights and our country to it's knees in the eyes of the world.

What will Hillary Rodham Clinton bring? What might Barack Obama bring? And the others?

Just like those disenfranchised college kids have to do when finals approach - it's time to cram!


Wondering the first said...

I never understood this first primary battle either. Having lived in NH and endured this circus (I was almost smashed by John Edwards mega monster bus on Hwy 101) I simply couldn't figure out the brouhaha. Trust me, the Granite state takes this very seriously indeed. The answer is very simple indeed. So simple, one never thinks of it. It has nothing whatsoever to do with politics...simply put, it is money. Because of the TV and press and all the absurd hoopla, the state that has the first primary makes a fortune. The hotels and motels are sold out. The restaurants raise their prices and clean up. People in other states see this bucolic New England state and decide to visit. NH not only makes a huge amount during the lead up to the primary, they rake in tourist dollars long after the fact.

Word Tosser said...

It is all about their 15 minutes of fame every 4 years.