Monday, November 19, 2007

Spare Us! Another Strike!

You may have noted the number of reruns on television lately, and the less than stellar performances by those personalities still on the air. Yep. Writers strike. Now I see where the CBS News folks have authorized their labor union to call a strike! Man, they're falling like ten pins!

You've got to love it. All these famous faces who make their living with words have to have them put in their mouths by others! Having worked with some of these types in a past life I realize a lot of them couldn't function without a script and a director. Not all, of course, but still a good number.

It strikes me funny though when there is worry about how Katie Couric will fare. Now, if the political speech writers would go on strike the candidates might actually be forced to say something they've thought up themselves. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change of pace?

Say what you will about bloggers, we're never at a loss for words. We hammer away at our keyboards day in and day out saying little of interest to those other than ourselves. Most of us are not paid, but we continue on - and for better or worse, the words are our own.

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