Monday, November 19, 2007

"He Knows If You've Been Bad Or Good..."

Do you find it curious that younger and younger kids no longer believe in Santa Claus while the season gets longer and longer? Catalogs began coming in July. Decorations and goods were out well before Halloween yet the retail prospects remain gloomy. Over commercialization paired with a shaky economy, the loss of the meaning - and those kids.

Santa will have a lighter load this year because kids no longer seem to be kids. It's sad and frightening all at the same time. Today's headlines told of a 10 year old in Tennesee who tried to poison his teacher by lacing her coffee cup with dry-eraser cleaner. In Oregon a 6 year old was suspended for drawing a stick figure shooting another in the head and threatening other students. And in Georgia three boys, ages 8 and 9, stand accused of kidnapping and raping an 11 year old girl! All in today's headlines! What the heck has happened to parenting? And kids??

It seems we should be concerned with more than whether a Santa says "Ho ho ho" or "Ha ha ha"! My sensibilities are far more offended when I foresee the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come becoming the the most recognizable symbol of the Season. The reality.



Word Tosser said...

Nothing is like it use to be... sadly kids are getting robbed of the surprise and suspense of the holidays. Look how Halloween is turning out. Seems like society is making adults out of kids faster.

Having said that.. I also look at the other side of the coin. For every one of these that make the news there are 8 to 10 who are working in kitchens this holiday, finding way to purchase phone cards for our service men by asking people to donate to the causes or turn in old cell phones for it. Looking for books for kids who can't afford them... and etc...Thank God for them... too bad all kids can't be in their mode.

MarmiteToasty said...

I was so worried that my youngest son of 4 would not experience the magic of Santa as long as his brothers did, I thought surely one of them would let it slip whilst Jacob was still little....... I did ask them not to spill the beans..... and Im so glad to say that they kept it to them selves and kept the magic alive for Jacob because they knew what a special time that was....... mine were all about 9-10 before they was not sure if Santa was real or not lol

I STILL believe.....