Sunday, December 16, 2007

Is Mitt Fit?

There are a lot of reasons I'm not likely to vote for Mitt Romney. His religion is not one of them.

I've been wondering what it is about Mormons in general that people seem to fear. Granted, they act somewhat like the Taliban in Utah in the context that their religious beliefs and their laws are so intertwined. Some seem out of step with the rest of the country to people like Hub and myself. An example would be their liquor laws. We could not have a drink at the bar in an Applebees without ordering something to eat. Waiting for a table for dinner we did not care to do so. When we were seated and ordered what was a fairly decent bottle of wine, we were not permitted to have it sit open. The cork had to be in it. Just irritating.

Not enough, however, to disqualify anyone from anything except our future patronage. In this country, so far, it's still our choice.

Maybe it's the young men on their missions. We've all met them. Canvassing our neighborhoods on bicycle or on foot. Always clean cut, dressed in shirt and tie and polite. This day and age I'm sure this is foreign to many. No earrings, no underwear showing nor backwards baseball caps at the dinner table. But not enough to disqualify anyone from anything.

So it comes down to the casting of aspersions by the competitors. Those who live in glass houses...

On Meet the Press he was asked about how he could embrace a religion that denied blacks in its ministry for so many years. How many of the Catholic candidates have been asked how they can embrace a religion that has so many pedophiles among it's clergy and a hierarchy who protects them? Why isn't McCain pressed as to why he became a Southern Baptist after being a lifelong Episcopalian and why isn't Huckabee asked how he really feels about the role of women in our society after signing a dictum that states, in effect, that women should submit unquestionably and happily to the dictum's of their men?

I'm not a Giuliani fan either, but he at least admits he is not a poster child for his religion.

It is troubling to me that one's religious preference has become such an issue. When I was growing up several things were pounded into me. You don't talk about religion, politics nor ask how much money someone makes. Any one old enough to remember that?

I left organized religion behind long ago. I do consider myself as having a spiritual side. I try to live my life well but what I do or do not believe is personal. I should think my friends don't care. I am judged by the way I live my life.

Should the same not hold true for political figures? Why is it they feel they must cater to the religious right? Why is it they can't say this is what I believe and this is what I'll try to do. If you agree, please vote for me. If you don't, then I'm not the candidate for you. If they tell us what they think we want to hear rather than what they really believe, what will we get? And what does it say about us?

The reason I am not considering Mr. Romney is because of his flip flops on Gay marriage and abortion. I don't buy the "enlightened" explanation. I do buy political expediency. So in a nut shell. He wants to be President. He'll say whatever is necessary. As with so many of the other candidates, does he have any convictions of his own and if he does why is he so afraid of them. I'd like to have heard them. If I agreed with them I'd have considered voting for him. But it's too late.

What is it we really want in a President? And what will we get? I'm not encouraged.


stebbijo said...

I know this sounds ridiculous, but politics are just that. It's like selling the bigger and better car for the bigger and better deal. Polician = car salesman.

I may vote for Giuliani only because he was on a boat with Tom Addis (famous car salesman from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho). That's as close to any presidential candidate I may ever get, and no - I was not on the boat.

Huckabee sounds good - just because, I like the name. It has a real ring to it.

Obama? Yes, I like Oprah, BUT Omama sounds too much like Osama.

Romney? Never - he looks like he uses too much Grecian formula. I want natural, that's why Hillary is OUT! At least Giuliani is not trying to cover up the fact that he is bald! Besides, I like his leading lady better. The third time is a charm.

McCain is TOO nice. If he changes his ways - I will will take a second look.

Ron Paul? He looks like a great talk show host. He might be okay.

And, if I can't make up my mind, well you know what car salesman gets my vote and it's not really going to make much of a difference, because - they are all alike!

Word Tosser said...

Why is it we get smoke screens each year? The smoke screen of this election is the religious bit.For the most part, I could care less... but what I want to hear is...are you going to take the troops out of Iraq or not.. if you are how are you? What do you propose for medical for the elderly? Not this doughnut thing. What kind of plan do you have for educating our child..the LEAVE NO CHILD BEHIND is a joke. A disaster.
What kind of programs for educating the ones out of school who have had minumum wages and want to get better. That don't cost $300 a class. (with supplies). What are you going to do about the gas prices?
These are some of the question I want to know. I want to know about things that effect our lives.
And no Hilary, being first lady doesn't give you experience.
So far I haven't seen anyone worth my vote. And I would truly like to vote FOR someone instead of AGAINST someone.

Camellia Underhill said...

As always, excellent commentary. However, I can't help but wonder who would receive your vote...Hillary or Mitt? (Should they be the candidates) Scary isn't it!