Friday, December 14, 2007

License To Kill?

As I continue to age and facing my mortality becomes more and more common place with every ache and pain, I find myself wondering how I can expect to prolong what time I have left. The "system" has deemed us expendable. The pharmaceuticals have priced us out of needed medications. Doctors don't want us because the very safety net we rely on, Medicare, has so short changed the medical profession we are no longer profitable. Our well being is, of course, secondary.

Well, I'm not so sure I want them either. I have not missed the steroid scandal prevalent in professional sports nor drug abuse by a certain element in the world of celebrities. Where do they get their drugs of choice? From Doctors!

Now the ultimate insult. Washington state officials have reinstated the license of a doctor accused of contributing to the death of four patients, improperly medicating five more, over prescribing narcotics and other restricted drugs and ignoring evidence of addiction and drug abuse in others.

Oh, he has restrictions placed upon him. He cannot prescribe medicine and he cannot supervise physician assistants. Yet he can practice medicine? How? And why? With big brother looking over our shoulder with every step we take, why is this man allowed to continue in practice, such as it it?

Me? I think I'm ready to take my chances with big dog's vet!

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