Monday, December 03, 2007

The Ultimate Revenge. Only In Texas!

Texas has given this country some pretty formidable women. Ann Richardson, Barbara Jordan and Molly Ivins to name a few. And then there are the men.

It's a state rich with tradition. Like many states, they have their flower and song. And now, if five mayors, all men, have their way they're going to have a state light bulb. The fluorescent bulb.

I can just seem them in their little smoke filled back room rubbing their hands together in glee. No longer will the fair ladies of Texas be yellow roses; they'll be "green" with envy! Heck, they'll be just plain green!

You see, fluorescent lights tend to be low in red light and high in green. Normal skin tones contain a significant amount of green to start with, and more obvious green skin tones may be enhanced under fluorescent light. The problem may be compounded if the makeup one is wearing, itself, has green elements.

Oh my. It might give a whole new meaning to going green for global warming! Warm, red faces, as in angry, under green lights. It must be some kind of Texan morality play - like how much better the world would be if we were all color blind.

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Betty said...

Can you imagine what Molly and Ann would have to say about the state light bulb? The Texas lege is apt to do almost anything, now that Molly isn't there any more, to expose their antics. Too bad.