Saturday, January 12, 2008

REAL"istic" ID

This is what happens when you put a lawyer in charge of something outside his area of expertise. Chaos. Why doesn't the Department of Homeland Security just decide issuing National ID cards is the way it's going to be and be done with it? We're headed in that direction anyway.

We have new passport regulations that require the imbedding of an identity verification chip. How safe does this keep us? About as safe as the new drivers license rules to permit boarding planes, entering federal buildings, etc.

The thing that is curious to me is the time frame between the conception of these bright ideas and the actual implementation. The passport deadline keeps getting pushed back because of the overload of applications. So what happens in the meantime? All holders of those old style passports must be potential terrorists?  Never mind that nothing has happened.

One of the drivers license requirements is that drivers born after December 1, 1964 have to get a more secure license in the next six years.  Six years?   What all can happen in six years??

States who are finding this a financial burden are required to apply for a temporary waiver. If they do not, Homeland Security will punish we citizens. Residents will have to use a passport (if they can get one) or a newly created Federal passport card (National ID??) if they want to avoid a "vigorous" secondary screening at airport security.

Way to go. Inconvenience us some more. Impose more personal indignities upon us. Scare us just a little bit more. Nice.

By the way. Make sure each and every employee of the Federal government has to meet the same criteria, especially members of Congress.

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stebbijo said...

I feel like I am becoming a prisoner in my own country now - after getting locked out of Canada unless I have a passport - after ALL these years. Just how the he** am I supposed to get to Alaska?