Monday, January 14, 2008

This Is Our Choice?

Washington. Hollywood for the unattractive. I heard that somewhere this week end. It stuck with me as I listened the to ugliness of the campaign ramp up.

"Bob Johnson criticizes Obama", "Clinton Obama clash over race issue", "Bill Clinton cites list of Obama camp attacks", "Clintons deny strategy to hit Obama for cocaine use" read the headlines.

So much for damp eyes showing the more sensitive side of candidate Clinton. What drives these people? Do they have any idea the impression they leave on any thinking person? Oh, yes, you listen to Hillary besmirching Obama's voting record on the war with Tim Russert. She is oh, so serious. Well, she voted for the war. He voted to fund the troops so they'd get what they need now that they are there. There is a bit of a difference.

I don't understand the mind set. I don't understand wanting something so badly that I'm willing to destroy another person to get it. I don't understand why any one of us would want such a person leading our country. I don't understand how those who do explain it to themselves. Why do they not care? And how is it they expect me to buy into it?

In all fairness, it is not just the Clintons. But is so Clintonian. Why is it, with all the shenanigans they've been implicated in, they still feel entitled? It is their dream. It is their destiny. In their minds. Glass houses don't exist in their world. Are they oblivious? I doubt it. Calculating? Absolutely. Power hungry? Absolutely. Will they use it wisely? What does the past indicate?

If they'd spend more time defending their positions and less on defending their gaffes maybe we'd have a better idea of who and what we're voting for. At the moment we're getting so entrenched in hate mongering the issues are fading from the dialog.

If a candidate has to stoop to these tactics it seems to me their message isn't the one the people want to hear. So destroy the opposition. They may succeed but the more they do the more they're destroying themselves - and our country.

What a choice.

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Camellia Underhill said...

Oh yes, one picture is indeed worth 1000 words!