Sunday, February 24, 2008

She Reminds Me Of Al Gore

Well, so much for the kinder, gentler Hillary. If she's going to go out it will be with a bang, not a whimper. Actually I think that's fitting, if indeed she's the one to go out.

More and more she's bringing back my recollections of Al Gore who lost the election that was his to lose. He couldn't decide who he was. Every morning I'd wake up wondering what incarnation Mr. Gore would present that particular day. Hillary seems to be following in his footsteps.

In the Thursday night debate in Austin we saw a humble, nearly real Hillary for one brief moment. It didn't even last through the tragedy of the motorcycle officer's death while escorting her motorcade. Her demeanor was somber as was appropriate, but if ever a tear in the eye would have been a humanizing touch that was the moment.

But moments pass. Onward and upward. Attack! "Shame on you, Barack Obama!" This is a Hillary I haven't seen before. The school marm with the ruler in her hand. I don't think that persona will fly either, Hill. Scolding your opponent as if he were a mischievous and irritating youngster should be beneath you. Go after the substance and methodology of his positions if you will, but do so with the respect he is due as a worthy adversary.

Let's face it, knuckle smacking isn't going to work on world leaders - "Shame on you Nuri Al-Maliki!" Nah. Doesn't even make a good sound bite.


Betty said...

I think this is Hillary's last stand. Somebody in her crowd of advisors has told her to show some anger, I guess. One think I like about Obama is that he doesn't seem to be redefining himself every time he makes a speech.

And, about Nader. Well, it's a shame to see someone who has been such a positive influence in his younger days becoming an egomaniac and a spoiler.

Idaho Escapee said...

Listening to Hillary makes my hair hurt.