Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh, For Pete's Sake, Not Again!

The past week or so has found me doing some adjustments in my thinking. About a lot of stuff. This morning has been no exception.

I'm walking past the T.V. just as Ralph Nader is announcing to Tim Russert he is going to run for President. It wasn't too long ago I was feeling thankful that Mike Bloomberg was hanging in the wings for a possible run if both parties nominated candidates who didn't meet his expectations. Or, presumably, ours.

Ralph Nader is a reality check. He has run so many times I can remember when he didn't have to use Grecian Formula. He's older than John McCain! And he tends to take votes from the Democrats.

Just when I think we're going to have a decent general election, this happens. I'm not a Democrat but this time around I am supporting one. I'm one of those much sought after "Independents". I find myself resenting someone jumping into the race who hasn't gone through the primary process. Whether Hillary or Obama is the Democratic nominee, if either should lose because of a Ralph Nader I would be quite upset.

I am anyway. Upset that the media is jumping on this bandwagon and giving him face. Upset that voters may actually consider him as their "protest" vote. Thinking back on Mr. Bloomberg, the same applies. He has been reluctant to jump in unless he can win.

All the candidates want to win. So Mr. Nader - and Mr. Bloomberg, if you want this voter's consideration get down in the trenches with the rest of them. Spend a 1001 nights in bad beds and eat the lousy food and smile until your face is frozen and shake hands until they are raw and your voice disappears. Take the salvos from the press and those who would run against you. Show some guts.

Better yet, just go away.

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Word Tosser said...

There was a time when I took Ralph Nadar seriously. What about 30 years ago?
But now he is like Pat Paulsen, just a joke, except with Pat, I laughed.