Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm Sooooo Glad It's Friday!

What a week! Forget the news. It seems like everything is just out of whack!

Right at the moment it is snowing like crazy. The birds are hopping around in a state of shock. Especially the Killdeer who have paired off and actually appear to be nesting.

Last night our favorite neighbors, the ones with the Alpacas, called to tell us they've sold their house and will be moving soon.

Earlier in the week we found another neighbor's cat drowned in our fish pond and the neighbors with the dogs who harassed Bacchus and me most of last fall and well into the winter are letting them roam free again.

Worst of all, ole Bacchus is at the vet's undergoing a hopefully minor procedure. During our burrowing Bernard routine that we do every morning with coffee and papers I discovered a lump in his ear. Yep. A hematoma. He had one a couple of years ago and went around for nearly a month with an ace bandage wrapped around his head looking like Marley's ghost.

It's smaller this time but still has to be drained. And it hurts.

Good Friday? Well, it's not over yet. Easter is a time of new beginnings. Let's start with the weather. Hopefully everything else will follow. I'm ready.


Anonymous said...

I should think that, with an ace bandage wrapped around his head, he would look more like a pirate. His little white buddy sends his best wishes and urges him not to scratch. CU

Dogwalkmusings said...

Ha! It was wrapped the other way - over his ear and under his chin.

Word Tosser said...


And Mr. B... hope you are feeling better... we's sad...:-(

Anonymous said...

Okay...a pirate with a tooth ache.