Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paw Pads In The Park!

What wonderful headlines in both the Press, Cd'a, county going to the dogs and the Spokesman, Pets at heart of two-part plan. It goes to show good things come to those who wait...and watch.

Awhile back I had a question about why the Humane Society was not getting press about their needs in conjunction with the controversy over how the county and the towns within were handling their animal control problems. I've long been an advocate of all the communities working together to create a regional facility to serve everyones needs. I picked up the phone and called Humane Society Director Phil Morgan and we had a nice long chat about such goals and his philosophy on how best to accomplish them. It was educational.

Knowing I was a blogger, he was unexpectedly candid and left me free to write what I would. I chose not to write anything. I was willing to give it some time. That wait has paid off handsomely for those who have been clamoring for an off leash park where the their dogs can run free and a state of the art animal welfare facility.

There will no doubt be a hue and cry from the usual group of folks scrutinizing everything that happens in this town as to how the land acquisition is to work and all the ins and outs of funding. I know little about the intricacies of such things; I know too that this is good for the community and our furry friends.

When living in Rochester, NY several years back my vet and Bacchus's trainer told me of such a park. Though it was unofficial at the time, everyone who wanted to run their dogs went there. At their encouragement I took my 6 month old fuzz ball to socialize him. He had a blast. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. Especially the labs who played fetch in the river.

Oh yeah. The memories of that! A lab can come dripping out of the water, shake a few times and be virtually dry. Not so a 6 month old Saint Bernard! My doggie remained soggy for the better part of the day. But it was fun never-the-less. I laughed a lot, met some super great people and had a companion thoroughly drained of his destructive puppy energy by the time play time ended.

So to the city, the county and the Humane Society - good for you! It heartens me to see that government entities and the private sector can work together for the greater good - in this case those who have no voice of their own.


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Word Tosser said...

One of the Vets group, put a fenced in park for freedom for the dogs about 2 years ago, and it is used often. It is right next door to them... and there will be a building built this year for the animal shelter across the street.
It is in Ponderay.