Monday, June 02, 2008

Brain Trust

Every time I go to the doctor I get a knot in my stomach. Usually for no good reason other than knowing it will be another reinforcement of the fact I'm getting old and have the ailments that accompany the process.

Then I watch the story about Ted Kennedy, a 76 year old not in the best of health in the first place, coming through what was anticipated to be six hours of surgery in three and a half. Plus, he was awake throughout and spoke with his wife immediately after. Wow. Step one has gone well and I sincerely hope his recovery process continues on such a positive note.

The government health plan is extremely generous. In addition, with his personal wealth, Kennedy can afford the best medical care the country has to offer. Then there are the rest of us.

A few weeks ago I had some blood work done. Routine stuff that we elders have done at least once a year. One of the tests was not covered by medicare. Hub wants to know which one and why. Me too.

Obama has promised the American public that we will be offered health coverage to match what those in Congress have. Hold him to that; hold any of the candidates to that! Medicare reimbursements to doctors are being cut to the point they actually lose money by having we old folks as patients. Many conditions and tests are not covered. More and more doctors are declining to take on medicare patients. It's an uneasy feeling.

I try not to bother my doctor more than necessary, but when it is I resent feeling like a financial burden. I don't resent the doctor, I resent the law makers who have put us in this position.

Concern about this area of our lives seems to be one of the Democrats strongest issues. One thing for sure, we are all going to face the need for greater and better medical care as we age. We all strive for that rather than the alternative. Science is obliging us but funding the service end of the deal is failing us.

I don't know if Hillary is going to eke out the nomination or not. If Obama prevails, as expected, I can think of one area in his administration where she would excel. Health care. She has the experience albeit it a bad one. If she is as smart and capable as her legions believe she is, she'll have learned from those mistakes and would make one ferocious champion for those of us who increasingly need one the most and are the least able to fend for ourselves.

Being the best niche player out there could leave her with a better legacy than being president!

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Word Tosser said...

You know, I think you have hit the nail on the head with that suggestion...Yes, make her the cabinet Director of Health... I love it.. and yes, she could show how well she could be a President, if she did as well as she thinks she should have when she was wife of a President...
Yep, DWM, you hit it just right!!!!