Saturday, June 07, 2008

Political Theater At Its Best

When Chris Matthews asked Representative Gregory Meeks, D-NY, what he thought of Hillary's speech, all he could say was "Wow!" I couldn't agree more. The speech was a barn burner!

She struck just the right balance between the restatement of her goals, thanks to her staff and supporters and the endorsement of Senator Obama. It was the best speech I've heard her make and it will be talked about for a long time to come. She was more composed than one would have expected, she voiced no bitterness and cemented the fact that she is the most important woman on the political scene today.

It will be interesting to see if Hillary has finally found herself. If she can leave her demons behind she will be a formidable political force for as long as she chooses.

I anticipate an interesting campaign ahead. Here is the Democratic party, often though of as being disfunctional at best, breaking brave new frontiers. They are now the party that put forward the first viable woman and first viable African American as contenders for the job of President of the United States and leader of the free world. That is momentous in itself.

Where Hillary will fit into the immediate future has yet to be determined, but whatever part she may play should, and no doubt will, be prominant.

I applaud both she and Obama for energizing the political process, for energizing youth and prior non-participants and even energizing those tired old white gals of my age that have stood so staunchly behind her. Voters all.

We no longer need to feel disenfranchised. We no longer have to settle for the same old ideas and the same old faces. We can rally for change no matter what demographic we fit in. Thanks to the Democrats, we can embrace impassioned leadership. Neither candidate really lost in this primary season if you widen the angle of the lens. And a whole lot of us who felt we weren't in the picture before now find that we are.

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Word Tosser said...

Yes, we owe a lot to both of them. For the first time, politic is really intereting.. not to those of us who vote all time, but to the non voters, to the young, to the old who gave up on ever having to have some one to cheer on.
Hopefully we can take it right to the White House in Nov and January.
We dare to hope...