Friday, June 06, 2008

Chow Down!

Oil closed up at $138 and change per barrel, the dollar fell again, an Israeli official stated "conflict" with Iran is unavoidable and Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor, put the administration's usual rosy glow on all of it by assuring us we are not in a recession! What a Friday.

That is not a look of hysterical laughter on Bacchus' face as he's about to settle in for an afternoon of napping. It's the remnants of the laugh he had from an earlier, and much more pleasant experience. A far better way to end the week and an introduction to another chapter of the adventures that come our way from blogging.

Shortly before Memorial Day I received an e-mail from a young man praising my blog. This is often spam but for some reason I read on. He actually had read several of my posts. Hmmm. Then came the kicker. He's works for a company of dog lovers who are developing a line of products dedicated to the health and welfare of - dogs. He wondered if I'd consider trying a dog dish designed to slow the consumption of food and blog about my impressions. He gave me web sites to visit, which I did. Deciding he was on the level I thought it might be fun. And, no, I'm not being paid to do this.

Bacchus eats from an elevated dish because of back and hip problems so I had to find some other likely candidates. I talked with my kennel guy. Sure enough, he has some clients who would be prime. I gave the go ahead to send the dish.

Yesterday afternoon a package arrived with two of the fancy dishes. Bacchus had to check it out. I laughed, and ultimately so did he. Good thing I found some alternate pooches.

You'll note his head is slightly larger than the dish and manuvering his nose and tongue into the divisons in the bowl served as an insurmountable challenge. The plus side is his ears didn't get dipped!

In all seriousness, the theory behind the dish is sound. It is divided into four compartments which makes slower eating mandetory.

For you dog loving locals who may have a dog prone to gas, belching, upchucking, gagging, anxiety or bloating or who just plain eats too fast and would like to try it out and offer your thoughts, send an e-mail to If it's logistically feasible, we'll see what we can do.

You can check it out at the Dog Pause Bowl site and read their whitepaper
on healthy eating for dogs.

I love it when things like this come our way. It's about time ole Bacchus gets more face time in this blogging endeavor. After all it's his identity I hide behind! If you'd like to join the fun, let me know. If you don't, the results will be posted in due time. Ciao!


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