Thursday, June 05, 2008

Don't Confuse Gentlemanliness With Weakness

Barack Obama has already showed us "change we can believe in". He promised us he would run a "different" sort of campaign - and he did. With all the nastiness, untruths and innuendo that came from the Clinton, and now McCain, campaigns, he never stooped to their level. That to me is keeping his word. And a show of strength. I know I could not have retained my composure during a lot of it.

Even now, while Hillary continues to show her lack of grace by playing her current non-exit strategy, he has treated her with nothing but respect. His strength will show when he declines to put her on the ticket. She brings nothing but controversy. She wants to skip the vetting process saying she has been vetted before. By who? Did it bring to the fore all of her questionable financial and legal maneuverings while she was First Lady of Arkansas? Did it bring to the fore what role she played in covering up Bill's indiscretions?

I don't think Hillary is done yet even though some of her most staunch supporters in Congress are telling her to finish it. She is still going to do it her way - regardless.

That Obama can continue, at least with his public face, to retain his controlled courtesy while taking on the more frequent put downs by McCain, I'd say it is a considerable show of good judgement and strength.

Oh, yes. While thinking about how McCain likes to point out Obama's youth and naivety, why is he considering Bobby Jindal as his running mate? Bobby Jindal, 37 years old. Ten years younger than Obama. Experience? Two terms in the House. The difference? He'd be the Vice Presidential candidate, not the Presidential?  Maybe that heartbeat away from the Presidency isn't a worry for one who would be 72 years old when taking office. Should something happen to him, he'd likely not have to worry about Jindal's youth and inexperience.  The rest of us would.

You might want to rethink that one John.

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