Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Concession Need Not Be Defeat

I don't know if the headline Clinton Preparing to Drop Out of Presidential Race this Friday on ABC news is a teaser or not. If she actually does, there is no disgrace in shedding a tear.

It was an image of her everyone liked. Even those of us who have spoken against her paused to reflect, no matter how fleetingly, that there was actually a warm, emotional woman beneath the tough veneer.

She put up one heck of a battle. If she had been less self-serving and strident in manner things may have turned out differently. She is, however, who and what she is and in the long run it's what defeated her. I hope, as she reflects on what went wrong, she also reflects on what she can yet become. The intellect and drive and tenacity are all a part of what she will continue to be and indicative of what she can yet contribute.

That being said, it's time to look at this man Obama. He's given us a new page in history upon which to write. He has promised much and we expect much. Of him, and in so doing, of ourselves. His rhetoric is glorious. He inspires hope and change. We all need to help him live up to expectations.

As the political drama continues on toward the general election, I'll be watching him closely. I've invested a lot of faith and hope in him. I hope I'm not asked for charity.

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The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

Wonder if you had taken a look at the S-R this morning. A particularly chilling statement in an editorial written by Brezinsky and (late) Odom concerning the new ways Al Qaeda is meddling in the Middle East. Blogged it among other things. Also have something on McCain recent post that you can check out at your leisure.