Thursday, July 17, 2008

Political Wives

It's nice to know chivalry is not dead and that Barack Obama is incensed every time his wife is attacked by the media or his opponent's surrogates. He and John McCain seem to agree that both wives should be off limits. That is political naivety at it's best! The kids, yes. Wives? This day and age?

I like the protective instinct. It has a nice old fashioned feel about it. Just like I always admired the fact Obama never failed to hold Hillary's chair for her no matter how contentious the debate. Good manners tell a lot about an individual.

On the other hand, we women have fought for equality in just about everything. Now that we've achieved it, for the most part, we should expect to take our lumps along with our husbands. Especially women like Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. Neither are shrinking violets. Both are and have been business women for a good long time. Neither man decided to pursue the Presidency without the approval and support of the wives.

When campaigns run long, are bitterly contested and exhausting, every word and action is going to be put beneath the microscope for scrutiny. At times it is totally non-sensical. That's part of the problem with so many talking heads, wall to wall coverage and 24/7 news cycles.

Often what emerges is hurtful and potentially damaging. That's the chance you take. Even with the most disciplined self-awarenesss, slip ups occur.

Somehow I think both these women are more than capable of handling the outcome. They are not unlike Hillary in their toughness. While she ran for the Presidency, they're running too, for their husbands. This day and age it's expected of them and they rise to the challenge with grace and courage.

I would guess at times it is difficult to be merely the spouse. The same speeches are given, the same policies supported, the same image has to be maintained, yet it is the other half of the partnership that gets the spoils.

I have a great deal of respect for any political spouse. Perhaps the highest regard goes to those who's husbands, once entrusted with power, choose to abuse it.

So, cheers to the ladies. They're an asset to their men who'd not likely be what they are without them.

And to Obama, keep caring about how Michelle is treated. It's part of what is so appealing about you.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that both of those ladies can well take care of themselves. CU

Word Tosser said...

I think they can stand up to the nitpicking..but when some of the media and etc. get to vicious side.. then it is over the line.. it would be really nice if they would just stick to the issues.