Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Brett Fret

I am a football fan. I am a Brett Favre fan. He was such an enthusiastic and exciting player. Note I said was . He got lucky last season with a young team around him. Opponents had yet to scope them out. More importantly, remember the season before, he was dismal!

How many seasons has he played the "retirement" game only to renege? Now it really is time. I really believe the Packer's are doing him a favor by not giving him a release. He will always be a Packer. I'm sure he bleeds green and gold.

In fairness to the team and the quarterbacks-in-waiting, he should keep his word. And in fairness to himself. He is not as fleet of foot nor powerful of arm as he used to be. He's far more injury prone then in his younger days. He ought to remember that.

More importantly, if it's the thrill of the crowd that brings him back, he will always be Brett Favre. Fans will still clamor for his autograph; he'll still get preferential treatment where ever he goes. Such is the nature of life when one is a football star.

I remember vividly so many players who stayed that one season too long. Joe Namath will always be remembered as a Jet yet became a Ram. Joe Montana will always be remembered as a Forty Niner yet became a Chief. Franco Harris from Steeler to Seahawk. Cowboys Emmitt Smith to Arizona Cardinal. All for that one last chance for glory.

They certainly don't need the money. Their fame is a lock. Is that one last season really worth having your fans witness your declining skills? Is it worth having your fans remember your glory days as something of the past rather than going out on top?

I don't know. I'm not driven in the same way. But I'd like to remember Favre just the way he is - a big talented kid who provided years of gridiron thrills and grew up just in time to know when to hang 'em up.

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