Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cliff Notes

I was chatting with a neighbor this morning while keeping one eye on his cat, wondering if Bacchus would notice it. He often does not but I'm in for a ride if he does. He did not.

It got me to thinking about how cats frolic. If only I were one I'd not be having these !@#%%* problems.
They are so agile!

Look at the little guy in the picture. See how his feet are facing one direction yet his upper torso as angled away from them? He'll snap back whenever he wants. I'm that way all the time.

So here we go again, new diagnosis (It's inflamed tendons that are causing the muscles to tear and not heal and my spine to twist), new physical therapist - that would be Cliff - and new techniques.

Per my orthopedic surgeon's instructions I took my MRI report to see Cliff. I expected nothing but he spent a good half hour checking this and that and I agreed to have one more go at it. At least this time we know what we're treating. Plus I've invested two years already, what's a few more weeks?

He sent me off to the book store to pick up a copy of The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion by Pete Egoscue, telling me it will be what I'll be working from when Medicare runs out. Don't you just love it?

I settled in and read it. I even tried a few stretches that are said to help eliminate the pain. Cliff was pleased. He told me he sends a lot of patients to buy the book but they never read it. Go figure.

I had my first session yesterday. Back to the morning routine of exercises now. I'll report back in a few weeks and let you know if this is going to work. I'll be cautiously optimistic. I just want to quit hurting!

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